Witch one should i get?

So i have a question. I want to buy 2 planes but it costs quite a lot so i want to know witch one is better.My 2 options are: The SU-25K or The MIG-21S(R-13-300). So i want you guys to tell me witch one should i buy.

where you gonna use it ? For ground su25k is the best cas out there and mig21 can work out pretty well in air battles but both vehicles suffer from full uptier so keep that in mind.

i tought both were decent at ground battles but i guess the su-25k is better thanks for the help.

Su-25K is very good for ground.


MIG21S(R13) doesnt have flares if Iā€™m not mistaken

Dont look mig21s.
If u want purely ground game plane then su 25k.
If you want plane, what you can actually enjoy using on airgames, grind the whole tree , earn a ton of sl. Then only right choise is Mig-23Ml