Wishlist for Germany (WIP)

As for the aircraft, we need to make sure that under the name, for example, Eurofighter Typhoon, there are all its pre-production versions, aircraft for integrating weapons and production vehicles. I can help with that.

Block 1 – Tranche 1, the initial fighter variant;
Block 2 – Tranche 1, an air combat fighter;
Block 5 – Tranche 1, a multi-purpose fighter variant (it is possible to strike ground targets);
Block 8 - Tranche 2, fighters with a new onboard computer;
Block 10 – Tranche 2, fighter with EOC 1, IFF Mode 5, improved DASS, Rangeless ACMI, IRIS-T digital, URVV - AIM-120C-5 AMRAAM, URVZ- GBU-24, GPS-guided weapons, Paveway III & IV, ALARM, Rafael Litening III;
Block 15 – Tranche 2, fighter with EOC 2, URVZ - TAURUS, URVV METEOR, Brimstone, Storm Shadow;
Block 20 – Tranche 2, fighter with EOC 3;
Typhoon S is a serial version for participating countries with the exception of the United Kingdom;

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Bismarck type - Tirpitz


H-39 project (was laid)


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Ill add all these once i wake up tommorow 😅

Looks fake or you know it is?
Now that you mention it… the turret size seems too small

It simply is, it’s photoshop

The entire German community, as soon as the GDR is officially registered in Germany (for ground equipment):


lmao this is awesome man!

ok, ill remove that.
removed 🥲
apparently it was a real offer for Malaysia by reunified Germany but never got anywhere

Can i has grille and pz.II luchs? And for that matter, Where the hell is the fw190g? We don’t have a single version in game. G-2 or G-4 would be nice. G-1 that could remove the wing guns and mount 2x 250kg bombs under the wings in addition to the 500kg under the fuselage. Would give germany some better/different cas options.

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German p47, gibs me dat

dont we already have that in game?


I meant the g would function like one because of the bomb load, I should’ve been clearer lol

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oh i have no issue adding the Fw 190G, i was actually talking about the P-47 that coffee can spoke of

Congrats guys!
Nearly 100 vehicles that can be added and would still contribute a lot to Germany.

It can actually be way more since there is already about 120 tanks and about 32 planes on German suggestions

yeah but i was counting vehicles that would be new to the tech tree


honestly just counting the vehicles that i deemed interesting enough to warrant the effort to model and implement

This does not fully take into account the Netherlands (and the whole Benelux), Denmark, Austria, Argentina, there should also have been Hungary (it has nothing to do with Italy)

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Germany doesn’t require any if these nations

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