Wishlist for Germany (WIP)

3 years, maybe 4 . Or else someone buy it and we’ll see phrase " Don’t used by bundeswehr)

Focke Wulf Flitzer Fw 226, multiple mockups made and prototype was partially made so it good for war thunder.

The thing that I very much like about this is that its design is proven by De Havilland Vampire, and it was optionally armed with 2x Mk 213B revolver guns with 120 rpg. Very late war advanced aircraft cannon with very high rate of fire at ~1260 shots per minute about 21 shots a second. So you could empty your magazines of ammo in about 5.7 seconds.


Are there any pictures or documentation of this aircraft that you have on hand right now instead of this box art?


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Good news. We can remove this from this list now. Unless that’s the version with an enclosed turret.

:O OH IT IS A 30mm ON THE ROOF! (Or did i miss read and miss identify that?)

it is 30mm

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Brand “new” SPAA

Look inside

Leopard 2 1985

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Ye i kept it there but ill mark it [Added] instead of the we won thing lol



Something I still don’t see in the list of F-35A equipment


Gaijin we need to start air battles by walking and sitting into the cockpit!!!

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That’s the A8 demonstrator, the A8 is supposed to have many features of the A7HU. The AX is a project name.

East Germany had been attempting to receive more modern Soviet equipment until reunification.

They had planned to replace the 2k11 Krug with the Tor-M1

(Translation of the document)

By the year 2000, the anti-aircraft missile complex “KUB” was to be
through the “BUK” complex and the anti-aircraft missile complex
»KRUG« will be completely replaced by the »TOR« complex. With the planned introduction of the radio measuring station »KUPOL-
M1" until 1995 as the basic element of the “BUK” anti-aircraft missile system was intended to lay the foundations for this exchange

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Guys its here 😈

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God damn it Germany. Couldn’t find anything better than a phantom till 2013 but had the money for this?

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