Winwing Orion2 F-16(EX) Viper Joystick (Shaker kit)

Hello, air-sim adept here, I use a T16k joystick since some years now, and I’m planning to upgrade.

I’m looking to buy this Winwing stick at around 200€


My question is: does WT support its “shaker” feature? (Im not talking about mfssb addon)

Obviously, I wont buy it if WT doesnt support it.

Thanks for your answers 🙂

Do you really want something to mess up your aim?

Sure, immersion is great but unless you shaker is on the seat, I don’ think enabling it in DCS or WT is worth it.

I was thinking to try the WinWing stick with the vibration kit, but from what i read this kit uses the sound to transform it in vibration or need to be configured manually what proved to be unreliable…

I find another way to add a vibration to my existing HOTAS ( Virpil) - i just bought a cheap X-box controller (USD 15 ) and plugged it the PC (important to use a X-Box so Microsoft controller). Fortunately WT recognizes it and add it to the controllers list and you can get the vibration feature without the need to uses the controller’s buttons. It works really nice, only withdraw - there is a little lag between the action and the vibration, but not disturbing.

My solution permits to put the shaker where yo want :DDDD


I’m looking to get WinWing as well but haven’t decided which FCS to use.

I’m a rotary wing main and I’ll be using the Ka-50 throttle.

I have to admit that you have a good point there.

Tho, my aim atm is so bad that its more straffing from the bottom to the top than to aiming to a precise point… I dont think that with the shaker it will make much difference 😂

I was mostly thinking about it to advise me when I’m getting past to the flight envelop while dogfighting, which happens me a lot on spitfires for example