Winter extreme mark of distinction is ridiculous

Ok, i gotta admit i complain too much for certain issues
But a 40000 score in 2 days is unreasonable. May we either have more time or have a lower score requirement?

Gaijin probably sets out a goal of how many people they want to receive these vehicles - last star event, too many probably were able to obtain the main prizes, which in turn makes em less money – less people buying GE to get the stars / more vehicles flooding the market which makes em less valuable (less GJN bought) / etc.

As many people have said before, Gaijin is offering us a game “free of charge” but they are still a company set on making profit

Shooting at pixels isn’t reasonable in any case.

i know.
But for the average game i earn approx 500-750 score, and if i perform well perhaps 1000-2000 score
which means i need to play approx 40 games in 2 days which is kinda too much

You are playing in arcade, and with arcade you get less RP and XP than you do in realistic battles. Its a trade off, arcade is easier so less reward. try playing rb battles for a bit. It may take a bit to get use to it but you will get more xp and thus getting the mark of distinction about 4 times faster.

thanks for the tip!

The event counts your mission score rather than RP. Though it is true that for RB the modifiers are better.

I did it in three hours by just playing the game, just gotta pick a good BR and mode to get them done fast

I can play about 20 RB ground games in about 2.5 - 3 hours. Hopefully, I can at least get the Vilkas over the weekend, but I’m also quite bad, so we’ll see. Good luck!

I ran 80k every 2 days for winter extreme. Su25BM and CT-CV 105 coupons went straight to the market for gaijin coin that led to “free” premium time.