Winter event Vilkas Vs Mirage 2000C-S4

First, Sorry if it is posted on the wrong catagory. I didn’t know in which it belonged.

Now, i really wanted to grind the Mirage 2000C-S4 for the winter event. But i started looking in to the Boxer Vilkas and i really liked it to. Now i can’t decide.
I always wanted to have a IFV and a Jet Fighter. I have experince with top tier jets. And a little bit top tier tanks. I know that the mirage doesn’t have a lot of flares. And that the Vilkas doesn’t have a very good gun.
I’m going to primeraly play the Mirage in Sim battles and the Vilkas in realistic.
I really like the design of both vehicles.
I’m going to play them not for Grinding but for fun.
One of my friends is going to grind the mirage so i could play with him. My brother has a similar BR tank as the vilkas so i could also play with him.
Can someone help me decide?

Boxer Vilkas IFV:

Mirage 2000C-S4:

well the vilkas is a worse puma at a .3 higher br with only 2 atgms that aren’t even a confirmed kill, also they don’t work close range so long to medium only.

In contrast the mirage 2kc-s4 is just a c-s5 with less countermeasures so it’s basically a few mirage

But those aren’t big differnces for both vehicles, right?
I dont want the best one but the one i could have the most fun with.

I mean I think the vilkas will be bad , it’s huge without puma armor and has 2 inconsistent atgms that don’t work at close range while the mirage is a safe bet if you don’t already have france grinded, if you do get the vilkas.


I have one more question.
How high do you think that the Marketplace Price would be for both vehicles?
If one is low then i could grind one of them and later get the other one via the marketplace.

The plane is the better choice out of the three, so it will probably have a higher price.

I find that the marketplace is really unpredictible for prices.

The Mirage 2000 C S4 is absolutely the better choice. It’s a bit lacking in flare count, but it still has 54 flares which is useful enough and as a Mirage 2000, it’s incredibly good. The Vilkas is just plain bad. It lacks the firepower to be effective, the Spike-LR2 is very inconsistent, even though it got its count increased to 4, and it’s the size of a house but without the firepower to back it up

Vilkas has somehow no survivability. I’ve so far never survived a single apsdf hit. The spall cones are insanely big. And spike doesn’t hit close to medium range. On most maps useless vehicle.

I hoped its a bit like the 2S38 or similar no armor / best armor vehicles. But what Gajin did here was to expect, they made sure every mouseclick kills it.

I have been playing the vilkas for a bit. I dont have the apfsds yet but the apds has been alright. Side shots works well on nato tanks. The spikes are still a gimmick. It does have a bug where if the ammo in the turret is popped, the ammo in the hull is destroyed too. Its annoying considering how often that ammo gets hits.