Wing Loong UCAV 翼龙1 无人机

So recently the wing loong I finally obtained the AKD10, but at what cost, the AKD 10 will bring your spawn cost above the roof. The Wing Loong with AKD10s no more capable than 9M133s but at a cost of 1050 SP, 300 more than any drones. The AKD-9 should have a reduced spawn point of 700 and 800 for AKD-10. The AKD-10 has similar range, slower speed and 200mm more pen in comparison to 9M133 hornet. The fact that you can bring out at least two MBTs or even at secondary spawn an MBT and a top CAS like JH7A with full load of KH29s and laser guided bombs. It simply makes no sense to use the UCAV when there is an available MBT or even SPAA.