Win 10 Two Monitor Display - Forcing Game to Second Monitor?

HI folks, I have a Windows 10 gaming laptop and a larger monitor, both have the same resolution, 1920 x 1080. Whenever I play with the monitor hooked up, I need to make the display “Show only on 2”. The laptop monitor is then off. Does anyone know if I can force the game to 2 (the monitor) instead of 1 (the laptop)?

I have a NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and use GEForce experience to make changes now and then.

It’s not an emergency, I’m happy with current set up, but it would be nice to have the laptop screen open to other stuff too.

Thanks for any help on this

Greetings, comrade! I am pretty sure that when using any application in “fullscreen” on Windows while using more than one monitor, Windows just blanks out the other screen(s). (Hence, this would be entirely due to the operating system, and not your GPU or any related software.)

As far as I know, there is no way to work around this, outside of making the game run in a window at 1980x1080 on the external monitor. (Which you probably already thought of.) Still, WT will stay on only one monitor (the external one) and you will still have the laptop’s screen available. However, keep in mind that WT does not have “mouse grab” like other games, so if your cursor strays outside of the window on your external monitor and onto your laptop, you will momentarily lose control of you vehicle. You might also find the window decorations (the top bar containing the maximize, minimize and close buttons) distracting or annoying too.

I might still be wrong about this, but this is my current understanding of it. Hopefully, it is at least a bit helpful. : D

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Thank you General. 🙂

Yeah, with either full screen or full window options, I got the same as I described.

I’m just trying with the window to see what it’s like - I have an AA vehicle with nothing in the sky ATM. It’s nice to be able to use both screens, but I’ll have to see. If worse comes to worst, I’ll just go back to what I was doing.

All the best!


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Interestingly, the new major update just added a feature under the game’s graphics settings to select which screen the client will show up on, so that should allow you to use fullscreen on the external display while keeping the laptop open for use.

I tried using this but I think it might be bugged. Hasnt worked for me yet. I’m using the steam version.

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