Will Xbox get the pack sales in May?

Is it possible for Xbox to get the Pack sales that will come in about a week?

Probably not. Packs do go on sale randomly though for Xbox and PS. I think they were just on sale. You can check and see if they still are. WT is terrible about announcing console sales

Xbox gets a separate sale than the PC versions. make sure you are part of the war thunder club on xbox live to get notification of the sale. They dont always announce it on the forum. It may be a month or more after the sale on the PC. No one know why its like this the only thing we can do is guess about how often game publishers can list sales on the xbox and playstation store.

Yes, i play on Xbox to and they’re 99.9% they will be 50%

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Do you know when

Yeah quite disappointing there was no sales added to the Xbox sote this week for War Thunder for any of these packs especially given some of these packs will be removed soon and xbox will not see a sale for them just before they removed like PC gets.

Maybe next weeks sales but kind of doubt it happening sadly.