Will this tank ever get added?

As a T-10M enjoyer, a T-10 with ATGM? why not

I would not want to be the Ivan who had to crawl out there and reload the launcher.
I think adding an ATGM to the T-10 would push it to a BR that its armor can’t pay for.


Maybe it will be 8.3 who knows? just like the Object 122MT was 8.3 along with other T-55 series without a secondary weapon ATGM, now it’s 8.7 and other 8.7 also doesn’t have a secondary ATGM, and it can fire four, it will be fine at 8.3 if there is any chance they gonna add it.

If no one properly suggests it Then chances are it isn’t in consideration. Most vehicles suggested or requested in Gaijin terms were because the community asking for it. Demanding it on the other hand will make you wait longer.

It will experience darts and HEAT that will pen it through and through.
I guess more than that, it will start facing stab and TI.

IMO T-10M should be 8.0 anyway, I’ve seen a lot of people doing mediocre in it with 1.0 KD, doesn’t have a range finder and gets clapped in long-range maps like Sands of Sinai even the Conquerer and M103 will make a short work on it when they can utilize their range finder. Also the reload really heald it back, 15 seconds is no business at 8.3, I only play it because of its two-plane stabilizer, other than that the IS-7 reload makes it bearable without STAB at 8.3.

Can be a modification. Looks very cool, I like it.

I played it and even though you rarely can tank hits (if you will be it will be the turret shots) the fact its stabilised makes it hard to battle in stabilised 8.0s and earlier BRs. I would not say its placed at comfortable BR either, as in full downtier and almost full uptier it can meet tanks like XM-1s, MBT-70s.
I would say theres no moving T-10M up or down, both would be questionable at least, decompressions could be good.

Объект 272М…


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