Will the Milan come back on sale?

The title explains itself

I want the Milan because the F1C-200 is horrible and bombing with the Milan then dying would be alot easier to grind towards the sweet sweet Mirage 2000.

It will probably come back on sale at some point - eg the wiki article on it notes that it has been brought back once already:


But looking at that article - are you sure you want to pay actual money??

It wont come back because me and a few others didnt listen to all the negative feedback from streamers that said it was terrible and had useless missiles ( they are right about that tho) and not to bother buying it … I average 65 000 sl a match and win more often then not buy ticket bleeding cause no one can stop me … A win with a kill 2 or 3 bases and 10 ground targets gets you well into six figure sl and 12 000 rp… So as u can see it wont be coming back lol

blah blah… it is rambling pointless non-sensical stuff you post… :(


Its the truth tho they will not be putting her up for sale because of its grinding efficiency its bar none the best vehicle in game for grinding its relative tech tree I know because I bought it before I listened to a bunch of people trying to dogfight Mig-21’s in it and am very happy I bought it without seeing a single review or I might be this guy who posted this…

And yet they put it up for sale before, and that is their normal practice - to put things up for sale every now and then so people will pay for a “rare”

Next Bastile day then …it was removed before it could get figured out how easily it grinds silver lions Gaijin prob happy it got worse reviews then the 200 so more people bought it cause base bombing and hitting ground targets is for newbie scrubs which is true except for Milan this thing harvests the map and literally nothing can touch you if you play it wisely it does fine againts other players when you play it as 1 pass hit the gas style but its kinda limited to that or you eat missile from 3rd party
delta’s lose lots of energy turning other than Migs who do lose it but have ingame ability to ignore that loss and accelerate after so just dont turn in Milan other to dodge missile or dodge su-25 or A-10’s everything else is literally no concern

i have about 80 dollars on a gift card so i think i will be fine.

Well Mirage F.1 C200 is superior in money making

Just use 2x Magic-II +2 or 3 R.530E

Use R.530E vs uncaring targets at pretty long-range
Use Magic-II to any other threats

And frankly,… the Mirage surely is better than you expect /figure out from test flight → it haves falres and chaffs which makes it more survivable than Milan

Just learn to not be the first in the fight and you’ll have good ratio

Just don’t use Super 530F → useless missile as the Super 530D

Kfir C.7 is just as good. They likely removed it due to debate about it’s weaponry and Br or prototype status.
At that Br even now with A-10 and the other undertiered strike jets you can work with AIM-9B and certainly dogfight MiG-21.