Will the J-10 come to the game in the near future?

The title explains itself. I just want to know what you guys think about it.


God I hope so, and soon. It’s such a fucking beautiful plane, loved it since I first saw it in BF2.


It’s totally possible, it’s the next top tier fighter I expect the Chinese to get.


They could skip it for the J-15 when they add the Flanker to the russian tree.

it’s kinda early for those, I don’t expect to see either the J-11 or J-15 until later, those are developments of the Su-27SK which was a post-Soviet variant and more advanced. But hey, you never know.

they could probably add it alongside early JF-17 models but i think the capabilities warrant a longer wait until it is added

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JH-7 will be nice.


looks like a wallmart tornado ids

lmao wtf of wallmart tornado ids :D

ali express IDS

true it really a bit same as Tronado

esp the engine side view

more like offbrand jaguar.