Will stealth aircraft come to warthunder

Hello i just came across this question, i mean like the swedish airforce will be real outdated if no stealth aircraft comes bc it only has the jas 39 gripen rn but in a cupple of years they will have a new stealth aircraft (vampyren) it would be intressting to have a b2 event. But i would understand its a ww2 simulator

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This game as has not been strictly a WWII simulator for a number of years at this point. Stealth aircraft will eventually come to War Thunder because everything will eventually come. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. As for nations like Sweden, they might just not get stealth aircraft and be left with planes like the JAS 39E, or Gaijin could make up an excuse to give them something like an F-35. As for the Saab Vampyren, considering the Flygsystem 2020 program is so new, I highly doubt we’ll see a flying prototype for at least another 7-10 years, let alone an armed prototype.


Give it a year or two, I’m sure we’ll start seeing early 5th generation aircraft

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Hopefully not as it’ll be like the F-16/14 domination all over again. But the answer is yes probably we will see stealth aircraft.

Sweden will likely get Finnish F-35A’s if stealth is added.

Although the Gripen A/C doesn’t have stealth like the F35/F22 it does have a pretty small radar cross section of around 1.5sq.m, and the Gripen E has an even smaller one of 0.5sq.m. for comparison larger aircraft like Su27 is around 15sq.m and F15 25sq.m. This also depends on a bunch of different factors so take it with a grain of salt

What’s even more interesting is that Sweden supposedly has extremely impressive electronic warfare capabilities to a point where they’ve been able to sneak up on the wings of Eurofighters, completed full missions undetected in exercises (and even snuck up on an F22, but that’s just rumors). It basically works by jamming radar
This stuff is like the most top secret aspect of the Gripens so there’s not much we know but for what it’s worth…

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It will be Chinese domination.

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You think the Russian devs will allow a Chinese aircraft to outperform the SU-57?



Will stealth aircraft come to warthunder

We’ll probably never see them.

I’ll be here all week. Please tip your wait staff.

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Stealth aircraft wouldn’t even really be much different to what we already experience in game. At the ranges we engage at, the stealth factors wouldn’t be useful.

We’ll likely see stealth aircraft in 3 years as the rank 9 aircraft, and people will prefer 4th gen jets and non-stealth 5th gen jets like Su-57.
Su-57 vs Rafale is what I want to see.

If you merge in this thing you’re basically dead, it has no cannon and relies on a very limited amount of missiles, one of its opponents will have a DIRCM.

It might not have an internal cannon. Unless one of our esteemed friends in the chinese hemisphere leak some spicy docs on it, we won’t know for sure.

So stealthy, that it wouldn’t even appear on battlefield


It Never been an only WWII,… F-86A5 Sabre is in the game since 2013, as it came in prior to the official Game release in Open Beta (1.27)

Therefore,… the game never was intended to be WWII focused.

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Only stealthy in one aspect

True, but the game hasn’t even been mostly WWII focused for a number of years.

I feel like the F-117 would be the likely first stealth but I’m not sure how GJ would be able to deal with these since much of the information is still classified. I think before adding Stealth, we need a game mode which would be able to make use of it.

Wow, can’t wait to fly the F-117 that can only mount two (x2) bombs and still be locked and fired upon within the ranges WT plays at. No CMs, abysmal TWR and no offensive weapons.

It’s only use would be a cool nuke bomber for GRB.

Only work well, if they are using in simulator mode not realistic mode even worse in arcade mode.