Will Italy get centauro 2?

Right now Italy is so weak that Ariete is completely unable to compete with MBTs from other countries. I don’t know when the Hungarian Leopard 2A7HU will be added to the game. Will Italy get centauro 2 in this update? It will at least make them look less clownish.

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Italy is the only nation that currently has only one ranked 8(Dev), and it’s also one that doesn’t have much difference from its predecessor.

Did the centauro 2 have a model yet?

Because if it is not, it seem not to come in this patch.I kind of put pressure on myself to worry about whether it would come or not.

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Iirc so far this is the only vehicle (apart from event) which was on the leak list, but wasn’t shown yet, though there wasn’t any official indication of Centauro 2 coming this update. Italian rank 8 tank is C1 Ariete AMV PT1 🤡

The AMV is the quintessential example on how much Gaijin hate italy
the AMV is basically what other nations have as a 10.0/10.3 mbt but with a better shell
Ofc without the machineguns or the armor package that should have.
But ofc in gaijin eyes this tank is on par with a Leopard 2A6 or a T80 BVM


Considering Gaijin’s discrimination against Italy, there is a high probability that CENTAURO2 will not be distributed to Italy in this version update.


It will probably be added in the future we just do not know when. :)