Will it be possible to buy a coupon for obj 292 with GE?

I’ve farmed for upgrade coupon for obj 292 for a long time, but in the end my final battle for 4.3k points lasted 2 minutes longer and I am short 4.1k for coupon. I think that 750k is waaaaay to much. At least let people to buy it with GE or maybe extend achievement end date a couple more days. In the end, I spent too much time for the tank that I won’'t even use, and that’s just sad


Nah Bro i am so sorry for you being this close


F for homie.


I feel your pain


I feel your pain. It is not possible to get it now though.


Give me my coupon or I’ll leak classified obj 292 documents…


I am not a fan of this system in general. Literally no players wanted to have their coupons unmarketable. It makes no sense why Gaijin would want there to be fewer transactions on the market. The single-factor analysis by which they decided to artificially limit the number of available vehicles based on a desired price for vehicles should be done away with.

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Tons of players grind to have the tank for themselves. And its totally understandable that they want the vehicles to be worth more on the market. Market prices now have been horrible.

So? Lots of players do grind the tank to sell it on the market. I don’t think the solution should be to make it so that only the no-lives who have made War Thunder a full-time job should be able to sell their vehicles on the market.

Less vehicles may mean higher prices, but it also means that other players can’t sell their vehicles on the market that they wanted to sell, and other players won’t be able to buy the vehicles that they didn’t have time to grind because of availability and inflated pricing. The ONLY reason for doing this is to make top-tier less accessible for a majority of players without paying the same price as some pack vehicle.

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I think its a good thing. If you play well 750k is easily achieved

If the only factor is to get the best value/hours ratio, then they ought to just go full E-100 and just give the top player in the event a redeemable coupon and no one else. It would be even more “well deserved.” I don’t think the market should be just a resource for 0.000000001% of players.

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Completely false.

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Gaijoob, banb this man!

Market shouldnt be a thing in the first place, tradable coupons are reason we cant have “reruns” in the first place.

No, that’s unreasonably huge. It is almost WHOLE winter extreme event. Air + ground + naval is 900k, that’s 750

Whole winter event was also 45k per daily/ 90k per two days for two and something weeks when compared to 22.5k daily/45k per two days for two and something weeks.

No, you actually need 750/18 = 41.6k per day to be able to get upgrade coupon. It is almost the same if we would farm for 3 whole vehicles. And for 41.6k per day it is ONE vehicle

At least extend it to like 25 days. 30k/day is way more manageable than this. I got sick and couldn’t farm all night, therefore frick me and a lot of my time. After this I just don’t want to play this game anymore. Just let people buy event achievements if they’re like 90% done

Assuming you grind to sell, which begs the question as to why?

To have some GJN to spend?

Comparing how much last event vehicle nets on market to the time it actually required to grind…


Idk man, i know of several people that got to 750k wayyy before the end date.