Will i ever get a IS-7

I have one tank missing from my Russian tech tree and its the IS-7 will there ever be a chance of another one being sold or should i just give up hope?

You can buy it on the marketplace if you’re on PC for about $7000.


If you are super luckey and spend silver lions then, yes

Yeah you have about a .000000000000001% chance or worse to get it in those crates.

You can either hope to see one on the market or crate spam for it when it comes around in the silver chests.

This isn’t even the worst example. There are a ton of vehicles that you can’t even buy for $7,000, or any amount of money, like the Ka Chi, or the Sturmtiger, or the Zrinyi 4.0 tank destroyer thing, etc.

“You by no fault of your own whatsoever, are younger or unknowingly joined the game later than other people? lul $@#% you”, quality content policy.

If it was just a boring copy/paste of some other vehicle, like the duplicate M4 for mobile games, that’s fine, oh well you can’t use as many M4s without backups, whatever. But super unique, iconic vehicles being locked away and burned forever is insane.

They desperately need some way to obtain old event vehicles. Such as by being able to do a whole event (fair is fair, just like the original people did) in modern day, but then swapping the reward for one of these old ones, for example.


Create a topic on the forum. So that it can be obtained in the marathon. We also made a theme from Russia and are waiting for the re-arrival of the Is-7

That’s me 😞

I joined in like late 2019 or early 2020, and that was on Xbox. Now that I’ve switched to PC I’ve found all the old event vehicles that I wish I could have gotten through those events/BP’s, but now I have to buy them for goofy expensive.

Abandon all hope …

        - Dante Alighieri

Wait, so you have EVERYTHING in Russian tech tree except IS-7? It is surprising to me that there aren’t more unobtainable vehicles in the tree…

Anyway, you already have so much to choose from, I don’t think IS-7 is any different in terms of gameplay than some other tanks…

Come on… It’s only $2000… geez ;)

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You may have a chance to get it, but the version from 46 and not the later one that is now