Will gepards ammo be updated?

So the chinese 8.3 spaa PGZ09 got the ahead ammo.

Will this ammo be added to the gepard and gepard A2 since the chinese got it on their vehicle?


Gepard doesnt have the equipment to program AHEAD


Looked around for info. Only one place says that it could but it depends if a gepard is upgraded to the GDF 5 or above version of the 35mm.

I guess the first gepard is out but the A2 “could” have it atleast as a upgrade, but i guess theres no sources if germans ever did this upgrade even as a test.

I guess its up to gaijin if they want to enable it or not.
I just dont see how the chinese spaa can stay as 8.3 at that point. Or gepard at its 8.3

But that all depends if they fixed the ahead to work properly or not.


The Chinese geoard should go to 9.0 with ahead, current gerpard should go to 8.7


Germans never did the upgrade /tested it or anything
.the gepard 1a2 is nissing its main ammunition Fapds either way but not ahead


The programming coils are externally visible, havent ever seen a Gepard with them
Its the thick piece at the very end of the barrel here, ingame you can see them on the Puma and PGZ09


Not to be confused with the coils of the gepars to calculate speed for targeting


Ok so we have established that Germany never upgraded theirs.
How about in the name of balance we could say that the A2 was by chance upgraded to it. The chinese SPAA wit hthat ammo is absolutely stupidly outmatching gepard and any other SPAA at its BR now.

It feels like whenever i get hit its always been that one.

So in the name of balance maybe we should add it.

Thats not how war thunder works,
As far as i am aware their never was any gepard capable pf programming ahead.
Not in any country

The result will be fairly obvious.
The PGZ09 will be raised in br.
Or like the M247 only get a limited amount of ahead in a match

Like i said i realize that. but it would be a “possible” upgrade. not impossible.

I know gaijin is gaijin and might not think the same about it but i just feel like ´how i feel like about the matter.

but yes, pgz09 will or should absolutely go up in br.

It isnt a possible one, it never happend
Give the gepard 1a2 FAPDS and it will work great.
More velocity, higher range and more dmg on hit