Will Churchill AVRE join the game?

A behemoth armed with a 290mm mortar cannon
But the corresponding problem was that the firing range of the 290-mm
mortar was on 100m-80m

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Did anyone reply?

Well for a start the mortar is only 230mm


Will he join the game?

The Churchill AVRE 230mm is probably not going to come to the game because of the short range. The AVRE 165mm is more likely considering that the gun is already on the Centurion and M60.


Range smaller than the diameter of a cap… probably not. But the Churchill VII AVRE with 165mm gun would be interesting at ~5.3/5.7.

Probably a bit lower than that. With HESH being how it is I would assume same as the normal mk 7. It is a better gun but also with a longer reload and worse muzzle velocity.
The Mk VII with the 95mm howitzer would be a nice addition as well as the mk IX which would be an up armoured mk III allowing for the 6 pdr gun in a better armoured turret.

what about Ardeer Aggie? bigger caliber and relatively better range

Well, the HESH would annihilate anything even at max uptier. It can easily penetrate the UFP of Tiger IIs, Jumbos, Panthers, etc. Sure there’s the low velocity, but it’s still an incredibly powerful gun on an exceptionally well armoured tank. Definitely a step up from the OQF 75mm.
I’d compare the Churchill VII AVRE more to the Black Prince than the ordinary Churchill VII. Like the Centurion AVRE vs Centurion Mk 5, you trade a potent high-velocity anti-tank cannon for a derp gun. Which also reenforces 5.3 as a good BR, being .7 lower than the anti-tank tank.

I don’t think the Mk VIII CS would fit very well anywhere in game. The 95mm howitzer is not great. But the Churchill Mk V would be great for 3.7, reinforcing the mediocre lineup there.


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Lacking a well-armoured vehicle. Besides the Churchill Mk I with its puny 2 pounder.

Sherman V, Churchill V, and AC.III would be nice to fill it out with thicker bois


Other than the KV-1 tell me about a well armoured tank at 3.7

M4, M4A4 (x5), ARL-44, T-34 (1941) (x3), Sherman III/IV, KV-2 (x3), M4A5
I not saying that any are Jumbos or anything but all hold up better to enemy fire than any British 3.7.

The Sherman V is obviously just an M4A4, so it matches the protection of other nation’s vehicles. The Churchill V has the same armour as the Churchill IV, found as the Churchill NA75, so quite similar to the KV-1 (L-11). The AC.III has armour identical to the AC.IV, making it quite good. However, it would be handicapped by its 25pndr gun with only ~65mm penetration at 500m.

I definitely wouldn’t mind the normal Sherman V instead of the VC and the Sherman IIa (M4A1 76).

What’s interesting about the Sherman IIA is that because the British preferred the Fireflies due to their better armour piercing shells and the logistical issues of adding another gun type, they were all handed off essentially immediately to Polish forces. AFAIK the Sherman IIAs delivered to the UK only saw combat with Polish units.


I asked my friend and he said yes

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We got the Sturmtiger, I don’t see why we can’t get the original AVRE. Just needs to be at a low enough BR where it can use it’s armour to get into position.