Wiesel RMK 30 - German Fox

so, to be clear: you need to: a) SPOT is b) withstand several its shots as you will spot is likely AFTER it will start shooting c) Shoot off your AP shot as you most likely WONT drive with HESH or HE loaded d)wait 5 to 10 seconds of reload withstanding its shots e)rangefind it and shoot f)pray that it wouldnt hide and move around (OR start moving front-back and keep shooting) straight as your cannon would point its way.
I see at least 4 steps where you can put an “Im dead” sign for several reasons.

CM25 for example (which is a rat I personally find annoying), it has a dude holding a bazooka standing in an exposed position, and shooting ATGM which is not supersonic, in order to hit you, he has to remain exposed for a few seconds depending on the range, you have all the time in the world to hit it or move back to cover after firing your first shot, also ATGMs is loud, I swear during that few seconds he has to hold that position he already revealed himself to your allies. If we let anything else that much time to shoot us, we are doomed anyway. Only vehicles that eat shit in this situation is all the T-72s variants because they can’t backoff.

and that makes him an EASIER target as you can literally shoot off the gunner with 8mm and get away without being shot. And it also has OPEN TOP so even HESH would do MUCH damage to it. And then theres that Wiesel whos AT ALL another deal.

It would be better comparision to say its alike M901.

That thing always seems to blows up if you send an apfsds to the turret, and it ain’t a rat.

Idk why ur comparing an autocannon with a TOW launcher. This wiesel is a 30mm cannon and can only shoot apds which mean a pretty piss poor post pen damage, the fire rate is also pretty low too compare to other vehicles at that br range ie. bmp-2 or any autocannon ifv really so the time to kill is much much longer. You keep saying that the unmanned turret is an op features but in reality it doesn’t have that much depression to even matter unlike stuff like the M901. In all of my game with the 1a4 i usually have to drive out of cover just to shoot at people anyway. Not to mention it not really tall enough to benefit from hiding behind concrete block or tank carcass and even if it does aside from scouting and taking potshot at enemy. The thing is a rat and should be used for flanking or recon gameplay, hiding behind something with your gun sticking out would only invite ppls to rangefind and drop a HE bomb on your head.

It does not for sure. As long as the ammunition not hit.

Say that to Fox fr.

Does it have -3/+9? Or adequate -10/+20? Because i dont see this mentioned in article, hut see that its totally more than -3 - so that GIVES the opportunity to only show the cannon, which is OP feature especially at rank 6 where there are not much who shoot HEs.

Yes, but thats DIFFERENT cnanon with DIFFERENT penetration and angles. The 20mil cant do shit, especially wherr it stands rn. And the 30mil with approximately 100mm of pen WOULD do shit, as the Fox shows. And the higher the BR the less armor it is on the enemies.

And then should be discarded in incinerator, and giving so much of opportunity to play as a rat is just disgraceful.

The fox is also faster, have more armor, have higher fire rate so yes fr fr.

Honestly there are zero source that talked about the gun depression or traverse so that would be up to gaijin to search the archive which i don’t have access to. Also is it really op compare to other vehicle like the M901 or even the PUMA when it was at 8.7.

Except the fox is at 7.7 where it won’t have to face MBTs with stab and light tank that have better armament and speed compare to it, not to mention that once you killed someone cas will be on you immediately since ur a super lightly armored tank. Also the 20mm did do shit where it is, you just have to go for the side, not to mention the much higher fire rate and belt capacity, the cannon have high pen and no recoil but that’s it, the fire rate is only slightly faster than the PUMA, the gun won’t be able to pen stuff like Patton,T-54, T-62, Chieftain, did i also not mention 0 post pen damage?

Seems like u just hate rat tank in general, each tank have it pros/cons and with rat vehicle having low profile (this does), decent speed (at it br maybe not but still good enough) ofc there are down side too: No armor, low survivability, somewhat decent pen but low fire rate and no post pen.
This Wiesel tick the box for the rattiest of rat tank.

Discard the mosquitos first which is known as CAS, they are a bigger problem because nothing can can hurt Saitama but he has troubles with mosquitos. Once mosquito is gone then you wouldn’t have too much problems with rats.

Doesnt this thing get APFSDS

It just caseless ammunition unfortunately, basically a solid shot but with no casing, the lower bullet seems to be an apds or apfsds but tbh i have no idea if it was for this cannon specifically. Since the cannon doesn’t really sell well i doubt they would develop anything futher than that. Again there really isn’t much info about it so i could be wrong.

More Wiesels? Yes please!

This at 8.7, the hot wiesel at 9.0 + the ozelot and tow which are already ingame would make the ultimate rat lineup

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and ALSO it does not have a unhabitant turret.

the BMP2s are 8.7, as the Bradleys… Even bushmaster`s CV90 are 8.7 whome FOX does meet…
And the only ones THIS will meet at 8.7 whom FOx does not are LESS armored tanks. Which is good for such a machine

yeah and each and every CV90105 dies because of that not making an entire match of kills… and no other light tank does not have that problem…

60 mils. high enough to not pen a Patton…

I hate the tank which INTENDED to be rat by its guts and has no other choices.
I was happy when they added FOX as it is MOBILE machine, meaning i could use it as i use R3T20. And this one is basically used ONLY for camping bushes and hills.
And the FOX gives a fair fight: its turret contains 2/3 of crewmen and it MUST show it to make a shot.

Got it, this should be 7.7 like the fox.

Honestly dude what is your point really? That Gaijin shouldn’t added this tank cuz it a rat? Or is it just too low br for you? And why is that? The unmanned turret? The size of the tank?
All of your argument literally boils down to it’s a rat tank and i don’t like it.

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Nah man. These guys give you the perfect reason to just keep going with it cause they’ll never stop and it’ll just keep being funnier as time goes on

Exactly. The entire first message was about that. Its obvious.

so what about all the other rat tanks?
should they get removed because their main playstyle is ambush tactics?
or is it because YOU cant deal with them?

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Each tank - each proposition

+1 This would be the most fun tank to play.