Wiesel has a "problem"

So yea, I want to talk about the Wiesel family of vehicles. It’s not about their firepower or gremlin energy, it’s about something that was bothering me for quite some time already. Why does driving a tracked vehicle feels like driving a wheeled one? Or perhaps even worse, driving a Wiesel feels like constantly slipping on a piece of soap in the shower. It flies in the stratosphere on every bump, but I can live with that and understand it, but every other aspect of driving doesn’t seem too realistic to me, to say the least. What do you think guys? I bet I’m not the only one with that question. I mean I know it’s a light vehicle, but I’ve been driving small tracked vehicles IRL and they feel different for sure.

Maybe because its small? Im not sure

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But it has the same inertia - small wheeled vehicles have, that doesn’t seem right… It just feels like a piece of soap

yeah. i mean. the game has fucked up physics that’s for sure. it’s so bad that tanks that can climb steep inclines cant even climb as it should IRL. the game is trash at physics. and we even dont have regenerative steering yet.