Wiesel 1A2 and TOW-2B

Hi all,
i try to use my Wiesel with the TOW-2B version.
My problem at the moment is, that i get many hits or a few critical hits, but was not able until now, to destroy a tank.

F.e. 4 games all rank 10.3 , 24 hits and 4 critical hits, no kill.
At the moment i have no idea if or what i am doing wrong.
I aim at the enemies turret or sometimes when he is behind an obsicle, slightly above.

Thx for your help end excuse my english

The TOW-2B is a Overfly Top Attack (OTA) missile. You HAVE to aim above the target.
In the modification window, hover the mouse over the modification to unlock the TOM-2B and watch the little video to see what i mean.

i think he understands it already and is more about the mostly rather poor dmg from it
yes sometimes you can ohk a tank but most of the times the dmg gets eaten by optics or the roof mg

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Yes you are right.
Saw this and many other videos and tried to see/learn how they aim.
f.e. this one TOW-2B

i just though he didn’t understand it as he said he aimed at turret and sometimes slightly above turret.

Personally i try to aim center mass horizontally and then have the missile like 1,5-2m above the tank, that usually takes out 1-3 of the gunner/commander/loader crew. Then i aim a second shot at the driver. It usually works but as you said the damage of ALL OTA missiles is modeled super poorly.
Aiming for ammo really isn’t an option so i go for crew starting with any crew close to the breach (with some skill and a lot of luck you can get the breach and 1-2 crew in one shot).

TOW2B has high charge equivalent but has low pen, it do well when it meet the NATO tanks cause they have thin top, the RB56 Bill can do better than TOW2B for Soviet tanks cause it has 510mm pen but low charge equivalent

T-72, T-80 and T-90 f.e. also have a weak roof armor

thick than NATOs’ and they have top side ERA too

It’s just a tad bit RNG i think
Strf9040 BILL is slightly better off i think but even with that you’ll somehow deal no damage somehow or 1 thing inside the turret just eats the entire thing