Why won't gaijin fix the Weapon selector?

The Weapon selection in MIG-29s for some reason is broken, you already have to press 10 buttons to do stuff, and no other plane with missiles has this issue. But in the MIG-29s there is 2 sets of R-73s / R-60s for selection when playing.

So, when the MIG-29 was first added 1 year ago, after a patch this was fixed for a few days, and then it became broken again. So i know it is fixable , as it was fixed before.

i checked the bug reports and they keep claiming it is “not a bug”.
In some other bug reports they admit it is a bug but that they won’t/can’t do it?

If it is not a bug but some feature, why no other plane has it? Because you cannot equip literally anything else in these slots either.
It gets me killed sometimes, because you forget you have to cycle more times because the plane is bugged and the muscle memory is just clicking 1 time.

When will gaijin finally fix this small annoying BUG that probably requires no more than 10 minutes?

Literally no other plane in the game has this issue

This is wrong, F-16ADF has the same issue. Two sets of AIM-9L’s and one set of AIM-7M’s. It’s not just the MIG-29.

I’m pretty sure every vehicle that gets a decreased amount of top missiles stock suffers from this bug because they’re coded funky.

This has been a problem on the F16ADF since its release

Yeah this is BS , GAIJIN needs to fix this , even more reason to fix it , seeing how it’s more than just the MİG-29

Plenty of other planes with missiles have this issue, the Yak-38s come to mind, and I’m sure other planes that have stock missiles are the same way

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Harrier Gr7 still does with Aim-9L. They count as 2x2 missiles, not 4. So you when taking 4, you cycle through 9Ls twice with weapon selector. Its to do with how they are added via mods. 2 stock + 2 from mod. Aim-9Ms for the Gr7 which add 4 from mod, dont have the same issue

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SU-22M3 has this too :)

you dont have any other missiles on YAK-38, so it should not be an issue though, but they all should be fixed, even more reason.

I mean,… at least it’s a “bit” realistic, as some aircrafts select stores automatically, but by pairs in order to keep the aircraft weight balanced.

The problem is now due to those system having weird reflexion:

F-16 ADF with Aim-7 will have 2 pairs of missiles
F-16 ADF with only Aim-9 will have one pair and a group of 4 missile (considering wing tip missiles)

I know, I’m just mentioning it in the case where some people think its a top tier only issue due to the prevalence of missile spam