Why when I hit the target with the cannon and machine guns does it keep flying?

Why when I hit the target with the cannon and machine guns does it keep flying? Because she bought golden eagles and very high vitality. I understand that the creators of the game need to make money, but not on this scale… It makes the game very stupid and unrealistic.

What are you talking about?

Hey what are you doing? Where am I wrong?

I dont understand what you are talking about

The target being hit does not stop it from flying because bullets aren’t insta-kills. The damage models are not 100% accurate to real life, but just like in real life, bullets do a certain amount of damage to the area they hit. If it’s an incendiary bullet and/or hits the fuel tanks or engine, it may also start a fire. If you hit a plane with enough bullets, it will die, but bullets aren’t insta-kills.

Bullets are also doing less damage than they should be due to realshatter, but a few bullets hitting a plane usually doesn’t kill it, just like how in real life, a few bullets usually won’t take a plane down entirely.

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Because War Thunder is an airplane game with tanks in it.

Their compliant is most likely that aircraft that are declared “Target Destroyed” can still continue to fire, drop bombs, maneuver ect.
When a ground vehicle is declared destroyed it is no longer playable, even though sometimes they are declared destroyed when they could conceivably continue to fight (1 die hard in the turret etc.). Likewise boats. Only planes, and even worse, helicopters get to continue to operate when “destroyed”.

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Oh. That is getting fixed soon. They’ve said they’re working on a new mechanic called severe damage where, if the plane is still flyable, then it will count as being severely damaged and it will only be a kill when the plane is unflyable.

I was considered shot down once but was still able to fly. Landed at base repaired and went back up. its was odd.

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It’s awesome, not just odd.

Been there, done that - usually higher tier (9.3+? idk, i only researched german tree that far up) jets can fly after getting seriously hit, and return to base. Never been able to that in prop. I’m not sure if this is due to speeds involved (jets rarely go below 500 kmph, so they behave differently in the air), or just lower overall survivability of props compared to jets.

In case you dont know…it is not as simple as this…it depends on HOW MANY hits, WITH WHAT (caliber, ammo) and WHAT DID YOU HIT…

There is a damage model…so if you believe it is not working properly, you need to provide more details…

Depends mostly on what type of ammo did you use when you shot it. If u used solid AP round or any of the AP rounds (APHE, APCBC, APDS, APFSDS) it just goes through the target because its main purpose is to go through armor of a tank or any armored vehicle and it didn’t break through enough armor to activate its explosive filler. If you used some type of HE round (HEAT, HESH, HEAT-FS, or a rocket) it would be a secured kill.

Oh, my experience is the opposite, I only managed that with props so far. It feels quite the achievement actually. My latest was with the French premium Yak 3.

It was this replay Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On … the match eneded before the repair did though…