Why waste RP on a maxed out vehicle when it can go towards the tree instead?

I had a thought earlier when I was going through my RP gains throughout my battles, what if when you max a vehicle instead of it just pooling RP that RP gets applied to the Research Tree as well.

What I’ve noticed is that if you earn 2k RP with one vehicle you get 2k RP towards the Research Tree and 2k towards that one vehicle for a total of 4k earned. But what if instead of that 2k RP going to waste on a maxed vehicle you get all 4k of it towards the tree giving a boost to the Research Tree and giving more of an emphasis on maxing out vehicles rather than just moving on to the next vehicle the moment you get it. I feel that this paired with the already present fact that vehicles can only research other vehicles within a certain range above and below itself gives my suggestion an already present balancing as once you research enough vehicles you have to move on to the higher BR/Tiered vehicles if you want to progress further down the tree.

Not only do I think this would make the community happy, I believe this would also influence more people to max out lower BR/Tiered vehicles as it would give more RP than moving on to the next vehicle in the Research Tree.

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Your problem is, that your model of research is wrong. You earn a certain amount of experience (RP) which is applied in parallel to several research activities, but it isn’t divided among them. Instead it is applied simultaneously to all research where it could help: tree, modules, ace, crew. If one is no longer elligible, it will still be applied to the others. So your suggestion is based on a wrong premise.

You are right but the game still will tell you at the end of a match “earned X amount of RP but all modifications researched”. So at least some percentage of this “X amount of RP” could be added as a research bonus for having put the effort into spading your vehicle - which scales incrementally based on how difficult it was to spade (the higher tier = the higher the research bonus becomes)


Sure, but this is arbitrary in the end. You could also argue that by having spaded the vehicle, it will now earn more RP in the first place - mission accomplished.

Basically, all these requests are just one request: “Give more RP”. And then a convoluted reasoning is attached to make it look less greedy and more “logical”. But it isn’t.

So you’re saying that by wanting a more balanced RP gain we’re being greedy? Let’s look at why you’re wrong, PREMIUMS. The Premium you get for free by choosing your starting nation always reward 1.5x RP compared to reserve, 1.0s, and 1.3s meanwhile you don’t get that same amount from a SL vehicle until 5.0. BUT a 5.0 Premium rewards 3.2x RP which SL vehicles don’t get even at the highest tier in the game. We’re not asking for Premium rewards to be nerfed we’re asking for a more fair and balanced progression that FTP players like myself can actually manage to get through within a reasonable time-frame.

You can call it “greed” all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that us FTP players are getting screwed out of RP that should be put towards other things instead of thrown to the wind.

What do you mean by “balanced”? What objects/forces will cancel each other then but not now?

What? Please clarify.

Everyone faces that same situation when a vehicle is spaded. It isn’t FTP specific at all.

I don’t see what needs to be clarified it’s math, 150% RP gain = 1.5x and 320% = 3.2x

An example of what I’m trying to explain
(US Tree) M2A4 1st Arm Div (The free premium if you choose US Army) has a RP gain of 150% (1.5x) at 1.0 BR
(US Tree) The M4A1 76 W has a RP gain of 136% (1.36x) at 5.0
(German Tree) The VK 3002 M has a RP gain of 142% (1.42x) at 5.0
(German Tree) The KW I C 756 (Premium) has a RP gain of 320% (3.2x) at 5.0
(German Tree) The Leopard 2A7V has a RP gain of 262% (2.62x) at 11.7
(US Tree) The M1A2 SEP V2 has a RP gain of 256% (2.56x) at 11.7

But this isn’t even my original point in the original post, my original point is that we get screwed out of a couple hundred RP each game and when we get a vic spaded that becomes more than just a couple hundred RP. While no that’s not much in the short term it adds up in the long term, I did some math and kept track of my total RP gained each match and in the time it took me to go from French Reserve to 3.7 (Sometime in November when I submitted this post to now) I have been screwed out of thousands of RP points which if I hadn’t been screwed out of I would be at 4.3 or 5.0 depending on what i researched. At this rate then by the time I reach 7.0 (Which will still take me several more months if not the year since I don’t play religiously) I could have been at 8.3

But that point was wrong, you don’t. Hence all further derivations based on this assumption are pointless too.

While he may be wrong with the assumption made, it would be helpful especially to ftp players if spaded vehicles gave some sort of added bonuses. Maybe splitting module sp into other areas or into sl.

Spaded vehicles give a 20% bonus of the spading RP cost, even without research penalty.