Why was stock APHE taken away from American WW2 tanks, but USSR tanks get to keep it? Why the double standard, Gaijin?

So then why not give Russian tanks their researchable solid shot as the stock shell instead? Surely that’s perfectly fine? You don’t need APHE to do well.

I’m fine with that?

No you’re not. You’re being intentionally obtuse. This forum is a fucking dumpsterfire.

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Mate i had to grind for apds that i don’t even want to use in most cases your stock is your worse shell


Shifting goal posts.

They base it on round pen. The AP used to have more pen so the APHE was stock. When they brought in the unified pen formula, the APHE became the higher pen round. That caused them to switch to stock AP.

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Do you know this for certain?

Because there are definitely instances where the stock round is one of the lower-penning rounds (see tanks that have APCR stock, but HEAT/APDS as an unlockable)

That is what I am saying. The lower pen round is the stock round. APHE used to be the low pen round so it was stock. Now the AP is the low pen round so it is stock.

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I was about to say, this is probably the reason.

Actually was the APHE not always the unlockable? But yes, AP used to be relevant until the unified pen formula making the “Use AP if you can’t pen” a thing of the past.

There are inconsistencies but I believe it is more a legacy thing, like how AP nations need to unlock completely redundant versions whereby APHE (like Germany) can swap between pen and filler.

Also the existence of modifications is there to produce an equal grind in terms of RP required, so those with more to unlock come at a reduction per mod in RP compared to a vehicle with less mods to get to spaded. Whatever is changed will be balanced out by Gaijin regardless.

So the issue is some have to go through inferior rounds which in some cases used to have some reason for existing (now they don’t) and others just never had such rounds; so yes there is an initial negative but at spaded this all becomes forgotten. And at least during mid-BRs unlocking this is not always that long, just initially frustrating. But I played AP nations more so I am used to AP issues anyway.

True, but odd how they focus of russia while the germans have it much better with their stock rounds.

Yeah, it used to be the stock because it had 90mm of pen while the ap had 110mm of pen. Aphe was still better but i guess the 20mm of extra pen could matter.

I try to ignore these elements because it becomes just a distraction and I do not believe the main point of the OP is the inconsistencies between nations but just seeking the reason why it exists which you covered. Many players will not have experience of the pre-unified formula times.

It was a long while back and a lot had changed since then so all becomes a blur now 🥴

True that. Been playing ground since its beta. Kind of miss those days sometimes. A much simpler time.

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