Why was my package loss at 60% over [Finished]

Everytime i try to get in a war thunder match it kicks me out before i can even spawn anything, it sends me back to the hangar and gives me crew will be on mission text even tho it kicked me out and all loading screen were longer then usual and when i get to the map loading screen it tells me that i have more than 60% package loss each game, now im uninstalling and installing it again. any suggestions?

What system are you playing on (pc/x-box)? operating system?

Have you tried other games?

Have you tested your internet connection for issues?

Are you on the correct servers for where you live?

Any programs in the background downloading things at the same time? (or like a windows update downloading?)

Have you updated your drivers?

Have you accidentally turned of the anti cheat and are trying to play one of the modes that requires it?

Im using PC

Yes and they work fine

connection speed is fast

servers are correct

no programs, nothing downloading

drivers all good

i was tring to play RB but i never turn off anti cheat

fast is not the same as stable, you can have 1000Mb/s and a 75% package loss and notice nothing as you are still getting effectively 250Mb/s. not only that but games usually do not require more than around 1-2Mb/s to operate normally.

running the game through steam or standalone client?


have you tried verifying file integrity for the game?

do you have any custom content installed for WT?

i guess i do, i only have skins tho, and i havent checked the file integrity yet

try temporarily removing the custom content (just move to a new folder on desktop) temporarily and do a verification and try again.

will this work even tho im instaliing war thunder right now?, or should i wait until war thunder finished downloading


alright thanks for the suggestion ill be replying again when im done downloading

war thunder finished downloading and i finished verifying the integrity of the files and as to my knowledge it came out normal. im going to turn on war thunder and see if anything changed

it still didnt work, it still kicks me out of the game and i have high PL
heres some photos

ive done everything i could, deleted a program i recently installed, moved the skins, uninstalled and installed the game again, ran some antivirus checks. its getting pretty late in my city so ill just call it a bad day and maybe tomorrow the problem will resolve itself. If not well ill be checking Youtube and forums more often. thanks for everything

that high ping and that many package losses is odd.
Are you are you are on the correct server?

Do a test run on speedtest[dot]net and see what your latency is there. if its high there as well then its probably a connection issue.

I would also try restarting the router.

The first thing to actually ask, is whether or not you are on wifi, or anything derivative of it. Along with restarting your connection.

So i’ve just gotten back from work, and tried to play war thunder again. And thank god its working normally now, i think yesterday was just that bad of connection even tho all other devices were working normally, i guess my pc didn’t get a good connection to the Wifi router. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and for your time

oh… don’t use wifi for gaming if you can avoid it…
wifi isn’t a stable connection at all, it can deliver speeds so video, images and sounds are no issue, but packet loss over wifi is super common.
switch to cable if you are able.

Yea, wifi is terribad, and sporadically affected if people have microwaves and stuff running.

Even crazier is if you’ve got ‘full strength’ it can actually make your connection worse. It’s like someone shouting at the top of thier lungs and expecting to be clearly heard.

Noted. ill try to get cable as fast i can, Thanks again

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