Why US M4 Sherman don’t have 76mm M1A2 cannon

So why does the u.s later sherman not get the m1a2 cannon with provided petter pen and stability but still has the outdated m1 canon and why not add it to the game or just give it to the m4a3e8 since the m1a2 cannon were found on the version more often

m1 cannons

Where does the extra penetration come from?

what is this

where did you find that on? It looks like wiki. Am I stupid?

The tighter rifling provided slightly better stability at extreme ranges of 1km+. Only a few millimeters worth, though.

I know wikipedia isn’t a source in of itself, but I’ve looked elsewhere too and it checks out

Nah it’s not the part about it being wiki, I just was wondering bc I wanted to be sure I wasn’t blind

fair fair

I know that but why did they not do it

The m1a2 cannon has its like 170mm pen with ap


Starting to think he’s making a Fallical claim.

It has lower speed loss due to more aggressive rifling twist rate giving the round more stability. But that is it.

In game all 76 mm M1 cannons are modeled with earlier performance and there is no tank with a 76 mm that has less speed loss as expected from the M1A2 so I guess it’s a valid complaint, just not for the reasons he is stating.

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