Why TOW missile fly like a brick

all version of TOW fly like a brick except TOW-2B (top attack), it’s weird…
please fix it, make all TOW as agile TOW-2B

tested on Wiesel 1A2, if you ever use it you def’ know what i mean
1st shot is TOW-2A and 2nd shot is TOW-2B

please think and do research before you reply


TOW2B Still flies well because they for some reason didnt switch it to the new system. If anything the TOW2B should handle like the rest

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the atgm update was incredibly stupid and unrealistic we should go back if anything

i mean, they now behave like they actually have mass and inertia, sure gaijin still has to work on it, but its decent


no its not decent. look at virtually any missile in the game firing in real life they handle NOTHIGN like they do ingame. yes mass intertia et cetera et cetera are a thing but they are accounted for in most modern missiles and the definetly dont act anywhere like they do ingame.

the way they used to handle was ironically more realistic despite being technically less realistic

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A shred of evidence?

oki gimme a sec.
lets start with an old ATGM

milan atmg from afghanistan:

straight to target no dips

Shillelagh missile firing 1:

Shillelagh missile firing and guidance minute 01:00:

in these two you can see little to no DIP when firing AND a very stable missile. no overcorrection weirdness because the missiles stays on target as soon as it fires instead of flailing like it does ingame.

Very much the same thing for the tow and tow 2 missiles they both dont fly as well as they should

heres an entier 2 minute video of tow firing:

again no noticable dip smooth flying missile.

same thing here at 0:48 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=677qW_Mvv6w

this is not cientific at all but it doesnt really need to be considering how outrageously bad it is ingame, not only is the way they behave in flight fucked but in game the missiles cant even follow the reticle and just lag behind which makes it even worse at distance, compare that to older flight model missiles like the tow 2b and swingfire and it behaves alot more credibly, you are right that the missile are technically more realistic but they dont actually behave in a way that is conducive to real life


I agree. but I think something missing is that all those missiles are quite “twitchy”

They have a tendency to overcorrect and “lurch” around quite a lot.

I’m not sure it would be beneficial to implement that but that’s what reality shows.

you can see that kind of flying in alot of missile it really just looks unstable but it really isnt, ive seen tons of stugna p and kornet footage they always tend to be pinpoint accurate on the reticle despite seeming unstable in fligh, i think it has to do with the spin stablization, i wouldve posted it but im not sure its allowed on the forum, ive also seen plenty of tow footage and that is always very smooth and im pretty sure it doesnt spin

Well yeah, they are accurate, but the point before terminal guidance, they are dervishes.

ATGM when it was first released was great, it literally just fly straigh no smoke, no dip, no upward adjustment, whatsoever, moreover it can fire while moving. ATGM should revert to that state


i remember


Pretty much every video you can find of any TOW being fired has the ATGM maintain altitude the entire distance with no dip at all.

Meanwhile with the Bradley’s launchers you are liable to have the ATGM drop into the floor before it suddenly pops up in game which is flat out a myth that came to be during the Gulf War due to TOWs that failed on launch popping out from the launcher and falling into the ground.

Meanwhile things like the Kornet have no such issues and fly straight and true without issue and still remain the only ATGMs that can be launched while moving while other ATGMs with identical guidance cant be. And no the Kornet’s launchers are not stabilized, they function in an identical manner to the ADATS’s launchers currently by the latter cannot fire on the move but the former can for no actual reason.

Omitting the fact that the TOW-2B’s actual warhead performance has been laughably inaccurate for years now, gaijin willingly forgets there is two warheads in the TOW-2B, the current ATGM performance is a travesty, going back to the prior version and actually building a viable system is needed.

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the tow2b not defeating era is obviously bullshit

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