Why the hell is the M26 at 6.7 WHY GAIJIN

I don’t think I need to say anything more about that

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Because M26 was a good vechicle at 6.3 and gaijin doesn’t understand that it won’t perform well on 6.7


It used to be my favorite medium tank in the game, beside the Panther.

I wouldn’t say it was extremely good at 6.3, but it was alright, and capable in the hands of a skilled player.

At 6.7 though it’s completely eclipsed by more competitive options like T26E1-1, T26E5, M26E1, T34. It’s dead and buried now.

I don’t think I will play the M26 again, not until they undo the BR change, or move the other vehicles around it up.

I think a bunch of 6.7s are just about to go up in the next round of changes.