Why t32 is 7.3?

iknow that there is already a topic about this but, this tank is disgusting at its br , it fights against heatfs vehicles witch makes its armor be literaly USLESS your most likely to get killed by anything on the same br range so you need to pray to get an downtier to have the minimun fun with it .
It should be 6.7 or 7.0 , or at least the reload could be faster like what the heck is 18.8 secs base reload its almost the same reload as some spgs and slower reload then even the m109G dude realy what is up with this thing sitting on this br range?
Not only that, it isn’t like you having armor on the turret against heatfs its just usless most of the time , when you compare this to the m47 witch sits on the same br this just seems heavily obsolete, and even tanks that dont have heat fs at least have either better mobility either better reload.
This tank was the worst tank i have played on this game since i started realy…


Because US tanks need to be overtiered across the board once you’re past the first Sherman


It’s the same deal with every heavy tank. HEAT-FS isn’t even that effective most of the time.

Some +150mm HE round slinger are a much bigger threat.

I think it’s perfectly fine at 7.3. It has very good armor and overall combat characteristics, apart from the RoF, and can deal with almost any tank.


They placed it at that BR so its good armor would be useless. Only Russian and German tanks can have good armor…. Duh


I’ve always thought this though. It needs to be 7.0


Because it has incredible armor, good mobility, and a powerful gun?


For its battle rating it faces 8.3 tanks. Its armor isn’t that GOOD.

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For a BR that fights 6.3 it is that GOOD. BRs are just compressed in general. It’s a better vehicle overall than the IS-3.


its a tank that just works on downtiers dude, on same br it feels bad and out of place.

Against full uptiers your just not gonna tank anything and even if you do so you need to have hella good precision to try and do oneshoots onto your enemies since your reload is slow af.

Its gun isnt that powerfull, the t34 at 6.7 has a better gun with the only downside being that it lacks an aphe but its an tradeoff, you have more pen, almost the same reload, less armor on the turret, in the end you have almost the same vehicle but on .7 br above so you face everytime heatfs vehicles that just makes your armor be usless and not only that every vehicle on 6.7 can pen it from the lower frontal plate witch is quite common to have tanks having to force the player to shoot on their weakspot

and yes now im looking above it i think is3 is worse then this, but it doesn’t mean that it should be on 7.3 anyways , but since i never played the is3 i can’t give much of an opnion about it

T34 should be 7.0 anyways and lacks the same armour as the T32

Armor, speed, and gun.
It’s of a quality BR.
T32E1 for example has more armor than Maus while having a better gun than Maus & being faster.

Let’s put T32 vs IS-3.
Armor: About equal turret, IS-3 has a better hull front.
Speed: About equal.
Gun: T32.
Reload: T32.


Imagine facing a T32 with a 5.7 tank. You’d face that high pen gun, amazing turret armor, and decent mobility with an IS-1 or a Tiger H1. That is why it is at 7.3, if it was any lower it would be too much in a down tier. Yea, fighting vehicles with heatfs is a pain, but alot of those vehicles can be killed with the M2, especially from the sides. All the big heavy tanks have the same issues as the T32 in uptiers, but if they weren’t as high as they were then they wouldn’t be balanced at all in a downtier.

The .3 difference in up tiers is a catastrophe. While 6.3 isn’t that bad considering it still faces similar armor and penetration values from other nations.

The IS3 has way fewer weak spots which correlates to way better overall armor protection than the t32. They are not even close in comparison…….well on paper they are.

The t32 would be a good addition to the t29 at 7.0.
Even the jumbos are .3 higher than they should be. The 76 jumbo is way too high at 6.3 and should not be considered a rank 4 vehicle.

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You are probably a Russian main. Y’all only want the best tanks for the commi’s at each BR- you wouldn’t be any good without the bias. Pantsir, ka-50’s, IS, objects, SU’s- all out preform or have an edge over the competitors at the same BR.

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T32 has far more armor than T29, thus should stay 0.3 higher than it.
Pantsir is mid.
Ka-50s are officially mid.
IS are no real different to other heavies.
IS-4 for example is just a Maus that pens less but goes slightly faster.

Yes, the armor is better than t29 - that’s irrelevant because the t32’s armor is on par with IS2 and tiger 2 with a worse gun. Why should this tank be at 7.3? With that logic, the tiger 2 and is2 should both be 7.3 as well.

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lol T32 has FAR more armor than Tiger 2 and IS2.
And T32E1 removes the machine gun weakspot and puts the UFP flat.
Tiger 2 and IS2 are far weaker than T32 and should stay 6.7.


Face of T-34-85 on 5.7 imagined?


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