Why some ATGM cant use zeroing distance?

some ATGM can use zeroing distance like RakJpz 2, BMD-4,

and some cant like T-80UD and Object 775

it’s just weird, not as werid as people who suggest to zeroing distance manually though

not having zeroing distance is also pain in the arse because i cant compensate for the “dive” after launch, (this is BMD-4)

by using zeroing distance, the trajectory changes
from this
to this

TLDR: let all ATGM use zeroing distance

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Simple fix:

Aim up before firing, or fire from 3rd person, then scope in. You’ll learn it if you play ATGM’s often, and becomes second nature.


that doesnt fix the problem

Yes it does, take for example, the Javelin. The jav have to be fired upward on launch because it will hit the ground otherwise. This is the exact same thing; so therefore, by moving the missiles launch drop from hitting the object, to above the object, it won’t contact the object.

See here:

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have you tried the ATGM yet? i did try that and it’s not as magical as you might imagine

I sure have, I regularly play TOW weapons, and some other, and never have the issue, mostly because I’ve taught myself how to use it. (I.e. Pre aiming higher than the launch arc) This includes the PBv-302, Udes-33, and PBRVB-551. This is RB-56, and RB-55 respectively. (RB-55 is the TOW)


good for you, but the problem is still there. i want a fix not a methode to overcome it.

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Simple fix, a lot of atgms shouldn’t even drop like, that.
As evident from a lot of videos IRL and can also be easily calculated by the launch velocity of gun launched stuff.
Tldr a lot of the launch drops are exaggerated in the game

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It is something that I don’t know where the hell Gaijin got this from, since for example missiles like the Tow practically do not fall when launched, and in the ATGMs that do fall you can clearly see that the missile is slightly inclined upwards with respect to He looks at it to compensate for that fall.

it would be better if gaijin just revert ATGM mechanism to old mechanism, when ATGM first released, all ATGM fly straight


They changed it because it’s not realistic…


probably they messed with physics setting and caused this

They do; around a foot actually, but not as pronounced as it is in game, could be touched up a bit. However, when they are fired in real life, they are given a 6-12° launch angle, upwards…

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Yeah, only missile I can think of is the Full-Barrel fired 9M119 on the T-72/90/64/80 tanks gun, because it has enough time to get to speed before exiting the barrel.

SS.11 does not

and 9M14 does not too
konkurs does not

tow doest not

9M119 does dive at launch, just test it your self using T-80UD

you are delusional, just shut up


Perhaps the Shillelagh missiles from the US gun/launchers. I think they fire the booster in the barrel too.

The 152 mm barrel was too short to pre-stabilize it I think, don’t remember tho. Nah, it can fire it, but it drops a little bit, like literally a tiny bit, it’s a Beam Rider, right?

The way it’s fired is different, because the electrical firing pin fires it, and it doesn’t leave the barrel until it’s already got the thrust it needs to continue flight.

The SS.11 fires it’s booster ON THE RAILS, so it has the propulsion force applied the entire time. So does the 9M14. So does the Konkurs.

The TOW has a slight drop because it uses a seperate booster to get it out of the tube before firing the primary rocket motor.

Also, the missile needs to orient itself to the sights because not every missle is on the same line of sight of the sights, and it can also take a moment for the guidance system to kick in and begin adjusting trajectory.


You’re actually making yourself look clueless at this point, the photo you just sent, literally proves what I told you.

You threw the first insult, that’s why, now your just mad that I’m proving you wrong, and trying to make it seem like I’m the clueless one.

Your first set of a passive aggressive insult, when I was only trying to help you understand…