Why should i struggle because i have a skill issue

I am a very weak player with no skill but i love Gaijin very much and its game War thunder. What could Gaijin do so i can get gud

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forgot to switch accounts?


Wont fix the skill issue

aside from the faults of the game, its a YOU problem bud.
sorry but to perform good at a game you gotta BE good.

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That wont help 90% of the player base

The game only cares about your money, it prefers you to pity your 70euros premium tank rather than kill 10 tanks per game in BR1.

time, experience and practice will. please turn to YT tutorials and gameplay

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It’s not Gaijin’s responsibility, but yours to practice and develop a good skill base. They provide numerous help files to achieve this. War Thunder does NOT operate on a handicap or equity principle and neither does the actual world. Put on your big boy/girl pants and deal with it.

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Gaijin made a game. It is not their job to make you play it well, nor is it possible for them to do that.

There are many guides on YouTube and on the forums for WT. I suggest you look into them.


If u new me u wud no i dint talk like dat 😉

There are many ways to select game modes where a lack of skill or lack of fine motor control is a lesser issue than in other game modes.

In ground battles, it’s recommended to play a more supportive role. Don’t rush forwards, go where teammates go, stay slightly behind them, and then shoot at what they are shooting, or just scout for them or repair your allies. You can help the team win even if you yourself don’t destroy enemies. Also, for weak players, it’s recommended to use “glass cannon” tank destroyers, which can kill anyone but can also easily die. If you select a tank which has better protection but a weaker gun, your shots will often bounce from enemies because you’re not good at hitting their weak spots, but good players can still easily kill you because they will know to hit you in your weak spots (and you don’t have the skill in positioning so that your weak spots can’t be easily hit). So if you die the same way no matter if you have good armor or bad armor, then just take the bad armor but a gun powerful enough that you can penetrate anything without having to aim for weak spots.

Another good place for weaker players is naval. In tanks or in the air, often you get killed by one shot by someone you did not even see. In naval it takes time for you to die, and meanwhile you can dish out damage against the enemy.

And stay at low tiers, you can have just as much fun playing with early WW2 vehicles as with late cold war ones, but the latter is expensive and the difficulty is much higher.

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Thankyou, some good advice