Why nuke plane dont have flare?

simply because at the BR i was playing (9.7-10.7)
there’s premium Su-25 (10.0) with R-60M (all aspect)
i got killed by it head-on when im about to drop the nuke…
that kinda triggered me because there’s no flare to counter it
it’s just stupid

even the TT version have flare at stock why nuke dont?
tbf that’s just stupid



good point.
gaijin hasnt put in enough thought into areas that matter and focuses on the cash cows only

The nuke is the ultimate flare.


they removed it since the russian carrier didnt had flares.

stupid reasoning, the correct way was to switch russian nuke plane with something that has flare…


That is extra weight to the already heavy payload so they just didn’t bother with it.

So we can stop the nuke

That too

It is strange. Wouldnt exactly be game breaking. Its also wierd they kinda use the wrong aircraft. Like why no Tornado nuke plane

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at least do some research before you comment so you dont look brainless
Jaguar A can equip up to 3200 kg bomb and the nuke is less than 500 kg
it literally has built in placement for flares right below the wing not filling it with flare is just stupid
and flares is not that heavy, at most 256 flare is about 150 kg

skill issue, git gut and use gun

Then they will get pissed they don’t have a Russian plane to drop nukes with.

russia have more nuclear capable jets in game already… it is just a weird way for gaijing to use 2 jets with around the same max speed, things like the su17 and mig 27 are nuclear capable but they also outperform the jaguar, which means that those can get much faster to the battlefield

ummm only guessing why it has no flares dude lol

Yes, their slower jet doesn’t have flares though so they had to remove flares from the Jaguar.

So instead of just giving everyone the same jets with flares they gimped the Jaguar.

So, like I said, instead of just giving Russia a non Russian plane with flares, they removed flares from everyone else so they could have a equal nuke dropper.

Why should we have a single aircraft for all nations? if anything we should have several different ones. Btw by your logic we could get rid of the jaguar and everyones uses then su 7 the you also dont have the issue of the jaguar not having flares.

Simple solution though. Not sure what to do for france, but Italy, Britain and Germany could just get the Tornado.

France could get the f2000N-k2 it should be similar to those, it isnt in game but the design should be close to the mirage 2000d, and america could get the f111

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Yep. I almost think this is the bigger issue than flares (which in fairness doesnt make any sense as well) is what aircraft are used. How a Jaguar is ever meant to get to target at top tier is beyond me. I managed to punch one through in the Tornado Gr1 the other day. Basically suicided myself to defend it from a Mig-21.