Why not add the German MiG-29G with R-27ET1 and R-73E along side the MiG-29SMT?

Now that Russia is getting a MiG-29 with more advanced weaponry, shouldn’t Germany also get a MiG-29 with the same? Having only two top tier jets is not good for the match maker and it wouldn’t take much work to implement considering it’s a modified 9.12A.


Its Germany, thats why.

As part of update “Get fucked Germany” you arent allowed to get anything you need to remain competitive as a nation.

Be happy they gave you a shitty 2A5 sidegrade tech demo tank with 1st gen thermals while everyone else rocks tanks with 2nd or 3rd gen thermals at this point after 3 years of waiting


exactly what i was thinking, they even have the camouflage ready (WTLIVE) and all they gotta do is copy paste the 9.12 as rename it and give it those missiles

There are a few minor external cosmetic differences between the two in order to meet NATO and Bundeswehr requirements, and changes to the cockpit as well like the inclusion of a GPS, TACAN, English instrument labels, changing meters to feet and so on. But these fairly minor changes and it wouldn’t be much work on the part of Gaijin.

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exactly! its a no biggie

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Because they want Russia to dominate till they add new stuff in the winter Update. They did this with the Mig 23MLD back in the day. There is no counter for the SMT that will come this Update (the new F-16 is hopelessly outgunned).

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well wouldnt be the first vehicle with an incorrect cockpit that got changed at a later date