Why mirage f1c is not balanced?

hello i just want to ask why mirage f1c in not balanced? 2 magic 2s ,good bombing loadout,144CM, 2 radar missiles ,fast, good flight performance,
(i think its just not balanced bec gaijin wants lots of people to buy it, and after some times they will nerf it like what they did to mig 23ml)

For me the F1 is well balanced, even if it carry good weapon, there is a major issue, it’s flight performance, you don’t accelerate as fast as other and you can’t turn, in term of dogfight you can have problems against F4.


are you joking? the mirage F1C good flight performance?
take the thing out and see how it suffers, its an absolute bus, as mathll pointed out already.

on top of that comes a radar that really isnt good with a very short locking range(11km) and radar missiles with a 20G max overload which is more along the line of 11.0 SARH’s then 11.3, and those are its top SARH missiles.

the only reasons the F1C is at 11.3 is its amount of countermeasures and the magic-2’s pretty much, in every other aspect, its average at best compared to its contemporaries at 11.3.


On top of that it’s SARH missile seeker only uses Pulse instead of CW so it loses track a lot.