Why MIG-29SMT is still RD33 engine not RD43?

in the test sever,the MIG29smt is still equipt with RD33 engine instead of rd43 engine,but in fact,MIG29smt is different from MIG29(9.13) is his more powerful engine RD43with 9850kn thrust,I think rd43 engine can make SMT more dangerous in the top tier air battle.

We have 9.19 in the game

Because not all SMTs are the same.

RD43 was the proposed engine for aircraft based on the the 9.17 prototype.
9.17 was to be a new-built aircraft with an even larger dorsal fuel tank hump that included a new style air-brake, not dissimilar to the more recent MiG-29M2

The SMTs that went in to production were cheaper 9.18 for Yemen and 9.19 for Algeria (later transferred to Russia after being rejected by Algeria). Both of those are built on older airframes with the existing air brake, and use RD33
The version ingame is the 9.19



Probably you are talking about this. This is the MiG-29SMT (Izdeliye 9.17). Note the difference in tanks (of fuel). Also note the rework of the airbrake.

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But addition of another MiG-29 of any variant is a legitimate idea. The United States already have 3 F-16’s plus many other modern stuff.

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