Why matching on Bluewater/Coastal fleet are so painful and suffer to play

Coastal fleet
it’s still fine to play in BR1.0-2.0 but if you have only single one BR2.3 the matching always jump to BR3.3
I know -/+1BR is normal in AB/GB but on NB How to play if that higer BR than you as
Dark Aggressor 2.3 just meet PG-02 3.3,Chikugo 3.3,MPK Pr.201K 3.3
there are really low change to survive and suffer to play
(i quit to grinding)
samething like Coatal fleet
matching always +1BR as
HMS Daring 4.7 just meet Heavy/Battle cruiser 5.7
HMS Dido 5.3 meet germany battleship 6.3,USS Brooklyn 6.0 RANK5 with APCBC
(if finish from summer event i going to quit grinding too)

pain and suffer to play if i just spawn and they will target me becasue there are easy target to make damage to farm score


You’re certainly correct about 2.3 Coastal and 4.7 Bluewater getting almost 100% full uptiers. During the French CBT I was playing 4.7 constantly for a day or two and virtually every battle had an Eugen (5.7) in it.

For the average 2.3 Coastal the uptier scenario is a nightmare. Facing reserve destroyers is daunting enough, but getting insta-deleted by Cheatugos and Jokebonos every game makes it near pointless. However, I use the near certainty of a full uptier to run my 2.3 MBTs and go looking for those reserve destroyers. Most Coastal vessels are too small/shallow/fast for torpedoes to be any use at all, and most bigger ships are too well defended, but the 3.3 reserve DDs are big enough to be fair targets while not being well defended. It’s probably the only real, reliable fun to be had in Coastal.