Why M19 for airfield protection at 10.0-10.3

They change the arifield protection from Roland and M247 to a stupid M19 from the WW2 at 10.0-10.3 Air RB game, wtf is this stupid modification ! What is the reason ? Now you can be easily spawnkilled by airfield strafers ! We need the return of the Roland and M247


Because between excessive airfield camping and the ocean of tears from the TDM-minded fighter jocks Gaijin decided to outright drop the ball on a sensible, compromised solution.


It’s not a good solution, now toxic players camp the airfield for kill every planes with no ammos or damaged, it’s completly stupid and kill even more this game

Don’t tell me that as I have never once advocated for the removal of AF AA. Tell Gajin that.

But gaijin, like everytime, don’t heard the community, this company is an entire joke

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  1. Take more fuel
  2. Get better aim and save your ammo
  3. Don’t overuse afterburner
  4. Don’t get damaged as possible
  5. Cope

LMAO the troll of the evening

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Widely held opinion you got there.

It is not.

It is literally just a return to the pre 2020 Jet RB playstyle. The implementation of AF SPAA/AF SAM in the first place was also done because of the tons of braindead players who can’t even try what I said after the premium jet implementation in 2019.

At least ARB is not a death match but a game with teammates, so work with them to wipe all the enemies before you land or take as much fuel with you and fly as long as possible to help your teammates.

lmao “work with teammate” when at 10.0-10.7 they are 65% of bots accounts or level 0-35

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35% players are not botters and you can carry them if you are decent player.

It is not insamely hard.

yeah i do that but i need to replenish 2-3 times per match with my plane with only 60 ammos and no missiles or flares and when i restock the ammos I need to be protected by my AF AAw

Are there jets in this game with 60 rounds and no missiles?
As far as I know, MiG-21F-13 has 60 rounds but still has missiles and S-24 rockets that can use it as flares/Air-to-Air rocket. If the aircraft you are talking about is a MiG-21F-13, I agreed it is painful to fly it because I have J-7II, but anyway it is your choice to play with that aircraft. If you really need to land, and ask your teammate to focus enemy who is close to the AF.

That was what I and average players did in pre 2020s when they fly Me 163/Ki-200 that doesn’t have much fuels.

BTW, I’ve noticed top tier is still exist AF SAMs/SPAAs.

yeah for 11.0+ but when you are at 9.3-10.0 max it’s only M19

you live to the Care Bears land, in this game teammates don’t care about you, they only want one kill and left, the mutual aid doesn’t exist

That’s why squad is exist in the game.
It’s a shame that current most players playing Jet RB are selfish or braindead, but at least the green players are actual teammates who can help you unless you abled auto squad system.

And you don’t need 4man or 3man squads to carry an entire teammates.

Probably it could be in 7.7BR to 9.7BR.
I have not yet tried 10.7BR and below 7.7 after front line AF patch, but even 9.0-8.0BR has no AF SAMs except [Operation] City.

Currently airfield spaa is completely useless meanwhile mid map spaa can shoot you down with pinpoint accuracy.

yeah true, it’s completly stupid and when AF AA are M19, the center map are Gepard or M247, another proof of the incompetence of gaijin’s team

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