Why isn't there any heavy cold war jet bombers?

this is kind of annoying for my perspective i love heavy long range bombers like the B-29(and all its’s variants) , He-177, Lancaster, Me-264 ect, I just wish that there was more. Does anyone else agree with me?


I would kill for the Vulcan. It would so cool. But the concern is that unlike the heavy bombers we’ve got. Many of them simply dont have anyway to reliably defend themselves and short of spawning super high (which may not guarantee safety) they would just be cannon-fodder.

Its a real shame. Many would probably love aircraft like the Vulcan, B-36, B-52, etc. But the game just wouldnt be able to support them or give them the credit they are due.

That being said. There are MANY bombers that could still come and simply havent, like a proper Mosquitto bomber. I would kill for that too


Because these characters only have two outcomes when joining the game, either too strong or too weak.

Some of them are targets under the threat of radar missiles, while others can launch cruise missiles from a long distance

Everyone seems to want to jump to the biggest, most famous heavies that would be difficult to balance in th current game.

I would rather see a stepping stone approach with incremental upgrades of bomber performance, such types as B-45, Tu-85, Il-54 etc rather than rushing headlong towards the well known but seemingly poorly understood Vulcans, B-52s etc that would simply end up as a new generation of stratosphere climbers that wouldn’t be worth the effort to intercept with guns, and easy pickings for missile armed fighters.

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I see your point, but the Tu-85 is still a big long ranged bomber but the other options are still a thought.

To be entirely fair to the Vulcan, it did, if memory serves, get an emergency modification during the Falklands War, to have AIM-9s fitted. That’d at least give it 9Gs as a… offensive weapon.

I feel like your point is perfectly valid, we do see it with the current generation of all out bombers in War Thunder. The majority of games with these aircraft either see them get ripped apart instantly, or see them unable to be attacked, because they can just run away to infinity.

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Bombers are basically vestigial at this point and most high tier bombers would just be RP/SL piñata’s for radar missiles without drastic changes to the game beyond what people are pushing for now. The B1 is very fast and apparently has some sort of terrain following radar for low level flight so if they modeled that maybe it might work but I doubt it. Look at the Aardvark. It’s BR is such that it’s going to lose the race to the bases to Phantoms but they can’t lower it otherwise they can fly around in space and no one can catch them. Improving the ground attack portion of of ARB could give it a niche but there’s really no way to make something like the B-52 work.

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The Tu-85 is roughly equivalent to the B-50, and the OP was about Heavy Cold War (Jet) Bombers. Historically they represent the next step from what is currently the finale of the true heavy bomber lines before the Tu-95 and B-45 push the speeds past even the fastest prop fighters as well as some early jets.

Tbh I don’t expect to see any logic in what happens to the bomber lines as far as Heavies, if/when they arrive i would not be surprised to see a big jump missing a decade of stepping stone types as the hype train demands Vulcans, B-52s etc. The future is more likey to be dominated by mediums and heavy attackers instead, types that have not just speed but a semblance of manoeuvrability and often toting a modicum of AAMs - do true bombers even have an upwards trajectory without major game mechanic changes?

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Yes they need to add xb 7 valkyrie

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Whilst their practicalality is certainly questionable. It does raise another question. Does it matter?

Not every vehicle added to War Thunder is good, quite a few have been added in a rather a poor state or carve out quite a niche use case. So regardless of how “good” or “bad” they would be. it would be awesome to see them added. Even if they were foldered perhaps, and thus made optional.

If nothing else, they’d be half decent carpet bombers for GRB and their models would be quite cool to add as PvE targets in Air Sim EC and any future Air RB EC.


why the B-1 ?

bro, YES they should but with the early test flights I don’t know were they would put the bombs cause where the air intake for the SIX missive engines isn’t a real spot so where then?

I was thinking speed but looking at it further it is slower than I thought it was and even more so at low altitude. So, yeah, probably not viable even as a meme vehicle.

If we just zoom in here
Then we see that part 57 is the place which was supposed to house a nuclear payload (unguided)

Thanks for the information man.

To be fair, some variants of bombers did get weapons like the B-52H getting a radar targeting vulcan mini-gun

Gajin would just have to look for the variants with proper weapons for either defence or offence.


Yeah, Avro Vulcan could have 9Gs, with maybe just maybe 9Ls if a source can be found to confirm that last bit.

So yeah, certainly some wiggle room on that front.

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