Why isn't the SU-25K 10.7

It has 30G all aspect missiles.

(I just don’t want to be rude)

complain about 1 vehicle at a time, dont just start 2 threads 11 after another just to complain about stuff

Leave him alone, he’s had a bad day, he was probably given a swirly at school


Continued offtopic irrelevant comments.

This game has more than one vehicle.

yeah and nobody needs someone whining, the g lynx i agree, maybe tad bit overperforming, but the su 25 series isnt a problem there are plenty all aspect aim 9l missle slingers as well at that br

did you read his reason for complaint though?

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the short it has 30g missles is in no way elaborate, hell aim 9ls are stronger and they are more rempant that that br

I meant the G-Lynx topic
It’s even better

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oh my fucking god, yeah u are right… he is complaining about the damn stinger missles?
i thought he wanted to complain about the hellfires which i would have understood…
all his topics absolutly have no value at all, 1 sentence topics without anything of value

Where does the SU-25K have hellfires? What?

Not at 10.0, at 10.7 yes which is why it should be raised.

It is an all aspect 30 G missile. It should be 10.7

we are talking about the g lynx if you havent noticed

you named to completly wrong reason to raise the br of the g lynx, adats are the least problem

burh this is burying more important discussions

there is a thing called flares and special awareness, literaly only skill issue on your part aim 9ls are way stronger because r60ms are so short range. Your problems literaly are the most hilarious in the game, we need general br decompression at that br range yes, but not specialy the su 25k

the clown doesnt even play top tier air besides the jaguar e , which just isnt a good plane, the guy has no idea what he is talking about in air battles

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Over a 1000 battles with AH-1G holy moly a helicopter that has only rocket rush loadout at 8.0, I don’t blame him for the bad ratio with it it’s literally like bashing your head against the wall a 1000 times, Vamilad my friend take some time off.

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