Why isn't the Israeli Sho't Kal Bet in War Thunder?

In real life, there are four Sho’t Kal tanks, but only three are present in War Thunder, the Sho’t Kal Alef, Gimel, and Dalet. How come the Sho’t Kal Bet isn’t in the game? It is version B of the Sho’t Kal series, placing it after the Alef but before the Gimel. I did not make this a suggestion forum since right I am not suggesting it, but wondering why it is not in the game, and what would it be like if it were in the game?

For people who don’t know, the Sho’t Kal Bet is very similar to the Alef, the whole profile is relatively the same, and there is no Blazer ERA armor unlike the Gimel and Dalet. By researching it, there is not much information to go on, however, it is claimed to have better armor protection, which would most likely be the added on 51mm of armor on the front plate that is present on the Centurion Mk 10 and Gimel and Dalet, behind the ERA.

There would as well be other minor improvements, not making a giant difference. If it were to be added to the game, I would place it at 8.3 or make it foldered. The Sho’t Kal Alef is at 8.0 because of it’s upgraded engine, so I would say added 51 mm of armor along with “other improvements” may place it at 8.3. Making it foldered with the Alef could be another possibility, as for example what we’ve seen with the Tiran 4S; the Tiran 4 and Tiran 4S have different guns, with the Tiran 4S having a license-produced American M68 cannon, same on the M60’s, having more penetration power and being a better gun than the Tiran 4’s. Other than that, there are no other differences than cosmetics and decorations on the Tiran 4S compared to the regular Tiran 4.
Possibly, the Sho’t Kal Bet can be given a 50 cal, giving more justification to have it present in the game, being more slightly better than the Alef.

I will now move onto my speculations as to why Gaijin did not add it in the game.

First off, it may be because there is no real reason to/it would be useless to add it, and that it would be extra grind. The grind can be countered by making it foldered, but Gaijin probably brushed this vehicle over because there was no real difference, however we have already seen how the T-54’s and various other different tanks have been added due to there being not much of a difference - so that is why I will add in another speculation. The lack of information. While I was researching about these Sho’t Israeli Centurions, I quickly found out there is barely any information out there. The Sho’t Kal Bet lacks one of the most, if not the most information out of the other Sho’t Kals. But I think we all know Gaijin does not care much about the lack of information, due to various different inaccuracies in tanks, prototype tanks, Ostwind II, and etc being in the game of course. So, if you read all of my words and sentences, you too can add on your reason or speculation, or add onto something else, or correct a beginner’s mistake I made in this post.

You know Israel isn’t the only nation in the game? Do you realize Israel ground tech tree was constantly getting additions? It’s pretty bold to ask why “that one 4rth version” of some tank little to nobody cares about not added to the game.

If anything as Israeli player I would ask for SPAA or IVF, not some another Centurion clone.

Thank you for your response. A question I have is, is there any specific vehicle you would like to get added to the Israeli tech tree? Any vehicle that would be more signifcant than the Sho’t Kal Bet?

The Titan 5S would be fine, apart from the fact that it was already on the list of those who were going to add to the Israeli tree, but it seems that they have been forgotten.

I agree, I would absolutely love the Tiran 5S, it’s ashame Gaijin never actually added it.

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