Why is this piece of armor only 18mm?



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I’m sorry but that’s stupid reasoning. T-80s can already pen the entire lower front hull of the abrams.

The actual reasoning is cause gaijin artificially nerfs breach areas to have some counterplay with hull down tanks.

Also @Vamilad there is an additional 70mm of armor behind that piece as well (specifically the piece without the composite armor covering the 18mm plate).

It is the backplate of this composite array.


If you pick a rouund and shoot it at that spot, you will see that nothing is rendered for those plates behind it, the same with the frontal armor.

Same reason why M48 has this super gun mantlet while the M60 has one that can be penetrated by a Panther.

It’s bad modeling.



I made a report on this topic some time ago, but apparently they don’t care much, I still haven’t received any response.
PS:The centurion Mk 10 has the same problem, it is missing the internal armor of the mantlet.

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WT is a big construction site. They add new stuff faster than they can fix old problems, meaning an endless pile of things that need to be fixed.


I already wrote it a few months ago in the forum, I think it would be time for gaijin to leave at least one or two updates just to focus on seeing what errors the game has and solving them, and so on later when new vehicles or new mechanics are added again The game would be better structured and we would only have to deal with the errors of that update. At the moment the reports section has become a bottomless pit, in which reports that are not errors, errors that affect the game and would be solved in 5 minutes, serious errors, etc., but almost none of them have the attention of the moderators, and those who have that attention deny that it is an error, giving absurd excuses.

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