Why is this dude name didnt appear

it’s not a bot, it’s GRB match

You could try submitting a bug report


Make sure to provide all the info they ask for

The guy in the left red circle?

You sure he’s not dead?

Nono, look under the red circle at the AMX-30. It still shows the friendly tank symbol but nothing else

Hah, I didn’t even see the AMX, silly me just was looking at the wreck in the background…

@T0HRU Do you have a link to the server replay? Could be a bug, or name abuse…

Doubt it’d be name abuse, that should at least show the vehicle name.

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he’s a live, if you look closely there’s med tank symbol there.
edit: in replay, he has the tags, maybe just a bug that happen once in a while

replay link: ZippyShare - Download