Why is there an 80 percent markup when paying from your Steam balance?

I want to buy a set with a tornado plane, adding the Steam balance in the game overlay (I launch the game through Steam). At the same time, the price rises almost 2 times than the price indicated on the website in the premium store.

Because steam gets part of that, but Gaijin doesn’t want to lose any money, so you have to pay the reg price plus some

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In this case, can I unlink the previous gaijin account, and link the one in which I played through the launcher, and buy this set as dlc content for 19,999 tenge?

I sent the account that was linked to my Steam for deletion in order to link the current one

Umm idk. Stuff has changed recently for logging into accounts on steam so idk if it’s still allowed. I’d try contacting support about it. Or try downloading it straight from the war thunder site. Also, if your a new player, don’t buy top tier stuff right away. It may turn out you don’t like the game or top tier and that’s wasted money. Also, the plane your buying is not good according to most everyone that have played it

Simply go there: https://store.gaijin.net

There is no need to switch to a non-Steam-account

Just wait for the Sale i Hope the Tornado is on Sale at the end of June.

You used the VPN and your account was automatically converted to using USD as an anti-fraud measure.
So the price you see is the USD one ($69.99) converted to KZT.
If you really live in Kazakhstan, then contact support to help you restore the regional pricing.

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