Why is the volume of ZA-35 ammunition the same as gepard, but the quantity of ammunition is 220 less

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As shown in the figure, the ammunition volume of ZA-35 is the same as that of Gepard, but the ammunition quantity is one-third less than that of Cheetah. Marksman has 500 rounds of ammunition, except for the APDS additional ammunition chain. Like ZA-35, there are 460 rounds of ammunition, but Marksman’s ammunition volume in the figure is much smaller. I cannot determine how many rounds of ammunition ZA-35 have in history, but Gaijin chose to copy Cheetah’s ammunition rack model but did not give the same amount of ammunition, which makes the ZA-35 body very prone to explosion and the firepower continuity is also insufficient


From what i could tell its just whatever they think it should have. Ive read somewhere that gepards fire in 80 round bursts, now if thats because thats all there is in each belt, im not sure. however most spaa in game have more ammo than they could carry irl, so maybe gaijin just applies a flat modifier to their irl load and uses that.

Gepard fire in 20 round burst thats what it needs most of the time irl for a kill.

sorry, 80 round belts not bursts. 25-35mm rounds are no small, especially the ones these spaa use as they need to be high velocity in order to hit jets. but if that was implemented in game it wouldnt make for very good spaa due to constantly having to reload and cas is already pretty strong at this br.

The brochure for the za-35 states 460 rounds and descriptions of the vehicle state the ammo is stowed in “a magazine in the base of the turret”. Could be that the stowage is shorter irl that the gepard which would account for the reduction in ammo.

I understand this, but gaijin did not refine the volume of the ammunition rack for the za-35,And I’m sure gaijin directly copied gepard’s ammunition rack.

I honestly don’t think it would made a huge difference for typical centre mass shots. You could report it and suggest a ~30% reduction in the height (assuming the diametre of the stowage ring is identical).

The Gepard usually fires un 20 round bursts but its belt in continues. Nothing is stopping it from firing all of its ammo in one go (except the barrels melting)

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