Why is the T54E2 a premium when we already have the T54E1 as a premium as well...?

On the Kings of Battle Dev Server (I am already aware things are subject to change),

The T54E2 medium tank is currently listed as a rank V premium for 8380 Golden Eagles at BR 7.7


WHY. What exactly is the reasoning for this?

The T54E2 is still mainly the same tank as the T54E1 but with a conventional turret with a human loader instead of an oscillating turret with an autoloader:


For me, I’d still pick the T54E1 over the T54E2 as the superior overall tank since the autoloader is a huge advantage over slight things like -2 degrees extra gun depression, 2 seconds faster turret traverse and being .3 lower of a BR.

In my personal opinion, the decision for the T54E2 as a premium (when Gaijin usually also makes the premium the worse variant than the main tech tree version) does not make a lot of sense and should be reverted to the regular tech tree. (perhaps after the M103 or foldered with the T95E1).

Are they planning to remove the T54E1 and change it to a hidden vehicle and have the T54E2 take its place?

Are they trying to do something similar like needing to own the M4 Calliope premium first before being able to purchase the M26 T99? (this is just super scummy and money calling if this is the case).

I really don’t understand this choice to make the T54E2 a premium.

What do you guys think?


And I like the fact that there is a premium t54e1+e2+t114+a2d1 and we have the best lineup of 7.7-8.0 vehicles

The reason is obvious. 💰💰💰💰


The E2 is lighter, with the same engine, it has a bigger first stage.
the Auto-loader is faster until it needs to reload first stage, then it’s slow AF.
While both lack a stab, the Oscillating turret from my experience with the French has more sway then a regular turret. the E2 also lack NVD if i remember correctly from the Dev-server.

Human ace loader also achieves 5 sec reload, will drop after crew loss.

-2° of depression is actually kind of big, and an aces crew can get it to close to the same reload.

While there’s not much we can likely do. I do think the E2 should be in the tree.

New Spookston video on the T54E2:

The first few seconds of the video already have me dead.

and on another note, GBR has on its GFAB 7.7 BR, three versions of the Centurion:

  • Strv 81 (RB52);
  • Action X;
  • Cent Mk 5/1 (Australia)

so not really a thing that hasn’t been done before. ;)

For me, I’ve paid for all of them (margach3,t54e1,t54e2)
I would like to say, why don’t we add the stab back to e2, correct the accuracy of the gun(nearly same thing with e1, terrible precision) and take it to 8.0.

I’d like to see features, rather than some meanless change in br :(

I can’t see anything e2 is as good as margach3, reloading(10s vs 6.7s)?
armor(e2 can’t take even 1 shot from hesh and no smoke, through it’s upper turret is tough)?
mobility(e2 has better engine bad I felt it’s driving system is bad, and slower in top speed)?

The reason I say these is because I Just found that there’s no reason for me to bring it to battle ground, no feature, t54e1 and margach3 always been better in every place;(

hey bro, I think the increase of mobility is too tiny to see, normally what I can feel is the 10s reloading in ace(hell no that’s too long) combined with terrible precision, and apds is terrible either(maybe the apds is the only thing T140series gun is better than m68 gun)
most of time–I see enemy, I shoot ( for apds–overpen/kill 2 crews only/shell broken/shell disappeared by tracks) caused by the low accuracy it cant take enemy with 1shot, normally they can fight back, and I still need to wait10sfor another shell for unsure.
that’s a really hard experience;(