Why is the Swift F.1 so bad anymore?

Like WTF.

Why is the plane that was one of the fastest and most agile of its era, getting out turned and out sped by EVERYTHING at its BR?

I mean it doesn’t help when you have a 1948 Design fighting F-104s and shit, but STILL.

The Swift was quite the competent fighter, it could even keep up with late Meteor’s in Mock turn fights, So why OH WHY is it just a fat bus that can’t out turn a MIG-15 or F-86? I expect that kind of performance out of the A-4 or something, a fat ground attacker, NOT what was one of the lightest and fastest Jet Fighters of its Era.

What ever happened to the F.1s sub 20 second turn time? Or its MASSIVE amounts of Acceleration that would allow it to get off the ground way faster than most other planes?

I remember it being pretty decent. But it has been a good while since i last flew it. I will have to take it out again and see.

I know it used to be REALLY good, But it just keeps receiving these micro nerfs that no one mentions, its turn time Spaded used be like 17-18 seconds, WAY better than the 25 it is now.

it also had its engine power cut by a third, and it was made heavier, So its now WAY slower to accelerate

Stat card turn time means effectively nothing