Why is the su-25 so much more fragile than the su-25k?

I’ve always had no trouble taking su25s down with one or two hits, i now started playing it and i got confirmed that it is indeed a fragile aircraft, but the su25k? It tanked sparrows from day 1 and keeps doing it.

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In game the only difference is the Su25 has more flares than the Su25k


why then is it easy to cripple a su25 but not a su25k? I had the latter ones tank a single sparrow but the su25 usually starts spinning the moment i get a “critical hit” with no fire or no smoke

i think its just by chance that you get a one hit more often on the Su25


how do I have to understand this?

I rarely ever tank rounds or missiles in my Su-25 and Su-25K, so…
Most of the time i get one shot.

Now is it more survivable than other aircraft? DEFINITELY (A-10 prime example).

It all comes down to where you are getting HIT and BIAS.

I dare to disagree, last match on f-4e i had a su25k tank two aim9j’s but I get 1 shot by the dog awful m39s whenever i am on su25. The GSH30-2 hits like a truck though.

I do not want to be mean but play the aircraft more and you will understand what i say.

it was a rhetoric question

i meant how on earth a premium vehicle is going to be exactly the same even when there’s proof out there that the su25k is more damage resilient than the su25. “you get one hit more” means literaly nothing. Same way when F-5C and F-5E came out, the f-5c would even survive shooting its own bomb while f-5e would catch fire the moment you sneeze on it.

Premium jets often survive more damage than their tech tree counterparts for some reason.


Take off your tinfoil hat - the planes are identical aside from flare counts.


so are the f-5c and f-5e and the a5c and q5L… yes

They nerfed the flight model a while back. Maybe you used the 25K back then and are using the post nerf Su25 now, the differences are as follows

Pre nerf su25/su25k

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Well no, because those are distinctly different planes. F-5E is an upgraded variant of the F-5C, while the A5C and Q-5L are very different planes based off the same airframe. The SU-25K is literally just a SU-25A with less flares and minor changes to internal avionics for customers.

There is no damage model difference between the two.

Sure none.

this is something i also want to know. Its like the F-5s taking missiles and still flying.

yes, it still happens, but not as much anymore. I remember tanking aspides in the f-5c my first time taking it out, so i decided to bring the bomb and shoot it down mid air near enemies to get mid air bomb kills, still being able to maim five more people. Gaijin removed the funny feature becasue they were more busy leaving the more important bugs to continue happening, and the f5s no longer survive midair bombing right after the update the mig29 and f16 got added.

However as we can see here, the su25 is much more fragile than the Su25K. Su25 took more intense damage and a larger area than the su25K.

its not, they are the same and differ only with amount of flares
armor analysis is not a reliable way to check damage models.

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the double standards of this community baffle me. You mostly sort out to using the protection analysis when ammo damage is brought up in the conversation to disprove the points someone might make about certain ammo dealing more or less damage than it was expected, but when someone beforehandedly shows the protection analysis you pull out the “it’s unreliable card”