Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?

It is pretty hard to convey in a screenshot but the spinning of the 3 dots is what makes it visible to me, maybe it also depends on your display settings and screen resolution.

Has the dev stated whether if the tracer and the tracking issues will be fixed or are they “not a bug” due to game limitations?

Thats how i see it


I guess it depends on graphic settings

Yeah, could be my custom sight as well, forgot which exact sight is it but it was from one of the sight packs for British vehicles.

When i turn mnie on it changes nothing

Yours are much more vivid compared to mine

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god dont remind me of grinding out the thermal modifications on this thing… sooo much pain. cant zoom in otherwise the thing bloody vanishes due to gaijins rendering antics.


ADAD inside

Fun fact for nerds: the ADAD software is written in the Ada programming language. The algorithm is capable of distinguishing targets based on flight patterns.


This is the funniest 10.3 SPAA, love to see helicopters panic because missile alert while they think there is no SPAA 😂

The funny thing is how visible this is from the planes POV. You can easily see starstreak flying at you from 7km away in a plane with the random tracers on the front of the darts that I’ve never seen anything suggest are there.

They added 76mm Tracers to each of the darts to make the visible without TVD (aka stock grinding) its a 100% fake nerfed disguised a QoL buff

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It is still not visible

Yeah it is absolutely a nerf. The fact that you can easily see these darts flying at you from 7km is hilarious. The first time I ever seen one shooting at me from the planes perspective I was amazed at how obnoxiously obvious it is and instantly realised why people were reacting to it flying towards them.

Also I am once again bringing up that being unable to lock a plane just because there happens to be a cloud about 5km behind him is absurd.


I may be late to the party but… the OPTICAL tracking can be notched? This can’t be serious lol. I’m buggin or Gaijin really coded the optical tracking as a “radar”?

It will stop tracking if target flies over your head. Notching should not be possible.

The lock stopped when the aircraft moved horizontally and at a relatively low level…
I’m just discovering this vehicle, and this situation threw me off a bit.

Maybe it went behind a tree or something, or there was a cloud behind it (Yes, if a cloud is in your los when tracking the plane it might cause lock to break)

That’s probably it… it was cloudy. Thanks for the clarification.