Why is the Russian/Soviet RWR Not modeled in cockpit?

As someone who enjoys the occasional Jet fight in Simulator i was always dissapointed by how the Soviet/Russian RWR (i think its called sirena 3?) is simply a static texture in the cockpit.

Why is that? The american fighters get their little RWR display, why cant the Russian/Soviet one light up too? its been done before accurately in other flight simulators like DCS so its no secret to how it works and how to read it either
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Pretty sure the Russian SU-27 got its RWR modelled in the cockpit

the image i posted there is from me in a SU27, non of the RU/Soviet RWR’s are modeled in cockpit, atleast as much as i can tell

Must’ve not been introduced then, the developer server for last major update Alpha Strike (or the one before that) had a modelled SPO-15 RWR for the SU-27.

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u sure?
id have imagined MatAWG to at least have made a video abt it if he saw

I managed to find a video on it



good to see, i do hope this gets released soon


I’m going to make an assumption that they couldn’t get it finished in time for every aircraft that uses spo-15 so they pulled it until they’re all done. That, or they’ve just been tinkering around and dropped the feature entirely.

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Those in western jets that I fly, like the tornado and harrier, it’s just the game HUD on the MFD.

I think the sea harrier might have a slightly unique one, but in functionality it’s basically the same. Im guessing it’s just a lot harder to code those lights.

Heck the F4s don’t even have working air speed indicators in their HUDs, Gaijin really doesn’t care much about the SIM community

the YAK23 does not even have any indication of speed working in the cockpit, all you have in that plane is a Mach indicator wich does not work for some reason
in some cockpits gaijin Really dropped the ball and that inconsistency bothers me quite a bit

Yeah, some are great and detailed others were slapped together in seconds.

Sea harrier had a placeholder cockpit for 9 months, then got quite a decent one. But still has a placeholder HUD